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Positive Living Vibrations: How to Have a Sensual Christmas

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Get ready for a hot and spicy pre-Christmas episode on How to have a Sensual Christmas with Bonnie Gayle, Ellen Nicolas Rathbone, and Sherri Nickols!

Who wants to receive another scarf or box of chocolates for a Christmas gift, we are going to tell you how to spice up your life with sensual gifts, sensual ideas, and in how to give a gift of sensual love to another.

Christmas has become so commercial and we have lost the loving connection with trying to be a perfect  Martha Stewart. Come hear how you can give the gift of your loving yourself, and of spicing up your love life, or in attracting a love life with sensual confidence.

This will be an hour long show, please do call in and ask your questions, I promise this will be fun, enlightening, constructive and a little bit naughty.

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