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Interviews with the finest and brightest minds in the health and wellness industries to bring you their wisdom on how to transform your life.

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On the first episode for 2016 we're joined by clinical nutritionist and leading autoimmune expert Jessica Flanigan to talk about the hugely underappreciated healing powers of love. Author of "The Loving Diet", Jessica believes that... more

Cassie Bjork, nutritionist and dietitcian (one of the good ones), joins me on the show to talk a little sense around food, getting started on changing what goes in your mouth and the unspoken importance of nutrition. A firm believer that... more

This week we are joined by Gluten Free School founder Jennifer Fugo to investigate the truths behind gluten-free foods, how to save money with savvy shopping and the surprising symptoms of gluten intolerance. We cover: - The... more

On this week's show we are joined by a man who is part civilised, part caveman - George Bryant - to explore the mindset around food, changing our eating habits and setting (and achieving) goals for ourselves. George has four rules for... more

This week I'm deviating from the usual podcast to bring you the best weight loss tips to have you looking great (and feeling great about how you look) from my upcoming free event, The Child Obesity Project. Featuring health and wellness... more

When it comes to success on a health journey we're going to come up against obstacles - and for me a lot of those were very painful and challenging. For the first time I'm sharing the full version of my journey from obesity,... more

Kai Hibbard, survivor of a show called The Biggest Loser, joins me on the show to reveal the dirty underbelly of this weight loss methods that are used to create the unbelievable body transformations that we see on our screens. This show is one... more

The ketogenic diet is buit on some very heavy, technical and potentially boring princples - it basically boils down to teaching your body how to burn fat for fuel (yay!) instead of sugar. Side effects of ketosis include weight loss, normalisation... more

Children are often the first to suffer and the worst-affected by the negative consequences of the increasing prevalence of fast-food advertisements, sugar addictions and sedentary lifestyles - but it doesn't have to be that way. Carla... more

We all know that we've got a thyroid, and we might have heard of things like hypothyroidism Hashimoto's thyroiditis, but it's a little-understood organ. What does it actually do, where does it live, what does it feel like if it doesn't work... more