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Authentic Empath


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Do you feel the experience of others as if it were your own? Do you internalise other people's conflicts? And do you often feel confused and misunderstood by the world around you? You are most likely an empath or a highly sensitive person. Through this show you will begin to understand why you are feeling the way you do, you will begin to accept who you truly are and you will understand what a gift it actually is that you have inside of you.

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Are all empaths the same? Do all empaths think alike? Do we all have the same gift? In this episode I discuss what the empath skill is really about, how differently we all express these gifts and how you can find your unique gift and skill.

Empaths can actually be awesome manifestors! The only down-side is that we are GREAT at manifest stuckness too! Listen in to find out what you need to do as an empath in order to move out of stuckness and into true creatorship!

Feel like you are floating around in the ether, not making anything happen in your real life? Then listen in on this week's episode as I discuss what grounding is (and what it isn't), why it is particularly important for empaths, when you know you... more

Do you hold on to other people's emotions? Do you carry on the conversation with your friend even though you have physically parted? Empaths tend to hold on to other people's stuff subconsciously. But I have found that even though we... more

Do you feel other people's feelings as if they are your own? Do you get exhausted and turn into your inner world when at a party or other social gathering? Perhaps you are an empath! Listen in to find out what an empath is,... more