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This is the Apocalypse. The Mayans called it 2012, others Armageddon. St. John wrote about it in the last chapter of the Bible. All mean the same thing: That Planet Earth has reached a midpoint in its lifespan, our Solar System having traveled midway out of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. All of us came from other planets before arriving on Earth to fulfill our Missions or Purposes, which we planned beforehand with help from our Guides and Angelic Entities while still in Spirit. We are all living our last lifetimes on Earth, having experienced numerous Reincarnations in different roles among other members of our particular Group to fulfill Kharma. We also have a very special partner, a unique Spirit Twin, who has Reincarnated with us in every successive Reincarnation, to help us in our Life Mission. In a nutshell, Reincarnation is about Rewards, Paybacks, Life Missions and Legacies. I will discuss all of this, including how to identify our unique Spirit Twin, who some modern famous Spirit Twins are, Reincarnation, which Ancient Kings and Queens are living and walking among us today, how a beloved pet often will return to us in our lifetime if they died before their allotted time with us ended too soon, Metaphors in the Apocalypse, and more. I will also discuss some of the major changes which will occur during this century--for this is the Apocalypse. **** For all the materialistic consumerism fueling our year-end holiday feasts and celebrations, Christmas, Hanukkah and the Muslim equivalent, Ramadan/Eid-al Fitr, all signify Spiritual seasons full of Faith, Hope, Charity, as well as personal remembrance and review. Bidding collective farewell to our physical past and welcoming in the New Year is a familiar human ritual dating back thousands of years, helping us to understand Reincarnation, and the fact that we also have lived in the past and endured previous lives.

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According to the Coptic Church, Saint Mark was born in Cyrene, a city in the Pentapolis of North Africa (now Libya). When Mark returned to Alexandria (today's Egypt), the Pagans of that beautiful city (once home to the ruling incestuous... more

This is the Apocalypse, and the time has arrived to reveal once and for all exactly who the famous and powerful leader of the BEATLES, John Lennon, was in his unusual Past Life. John, his first name, became his handle in that prior Lifetime,... more

In this very upbeat mid-summer impromptu show, I will begin by discussing the Royal British Family's William, Kate and their newest member, George. But then will swiftly move on to discuss exactly WHAT glamorous woman of the East--... more

This jULY 4TH impromptu show is to celebrate the real meaning of independence, James Gandolfini's memory, and his importance as the fiercely independent Ancient King of Sicily during the Rise of the Ancient Roman... more

Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to present special revelations about our Past Lives, and in this impromptu show spurred by the Passing of an important Ancient figure, which famous and powerful Ancient Roman James... more

This is my last attempt to explain the Biblical Truth behind both the film series, STAR WARS, and the unique online book about our Planet, actually called Urantia. Please be prepared for the first premise in this discussion that, We are... more

What is the special significance of the numbers 7,3, 10, 666, 3797? What do Axis Tilt and Pole Reversal actually mean? I'llbe discussing this in today's special show about Biblical Metaphors.

In this impromptu show, I will discuss more about the spectacular 380 million year old fossil, WATTIEZA, and how it relates to the controversial subject of FRACKING and SHALE GAS DRILLING.

Once again, this impromptu show is driven by current events.I am the Psychic expert in Past Lives and Reincarntion,and I will try and shed some lighton who Holmes is /was, the reason for his dyed red hair. his relationship to Adam... more

Happy New Year, everyone. I am a Psychic with the special Gift of being able to see into the Past, and determine lots of things, including who people were in their Past Lives. I've been blogging about Reincarnation for the past two years, but in... more
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