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Auntie Kim Ber Lee From Vine

Auntie Kim Ber Lee From Vine


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An extension of my popular Vine account where many people ask me for a longer format so they can interact with me! I give sound advice. (relationship, etc)

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Sometimes we have so many things going on in the community at once, tonight's show will be almost like a gumbo of topics. From the recent passing of Prince, why I have been MIA, who are these new people on the show, etc. Look for... more

I often find people mistaking true love for something like it. They swear by it, get married because of it, and then wonder why they end up surprised by it, and in most cases destroyed by it. Those are the same reasons we have to learn to... more

Everyone has been through a relationship with someone that ended not so amicably. Whether it be friends, lovers, husbands, wives, acquaintances, we want to discuss how they weigh on your life good or bad. Oh the drama of it... more

This debate is about how females often makes themselves fall prey to being labeled. Males can often fall into this category as well, but we know about double standards and how society often let males get away with things that females are... more

The glorification of being a Side Piece is at an all time high. Both men and women are endulging in the lifestyle as another way not to be responsible for the people they sleep with. What used to be taboo in the dating arena, is now practiced... more

I am having a blast on Vine. As a result of the advice and information I give on the Vine App, I get a lot of people in my private messages asking for advice. I get overwhelmed sometimes trying to type and fit important information into 6... more

With the frequency in how males state females are easy to get into bed, you have to wonder what has changed in how females present themselves. Has it become a society where the female body has become more of an given than a gift?... more

Laws in this country protect a myriad of categorical issues, but some things go uncovered. One of the legal discriminatory practices that is still alive and well with no recourse, is hatred towards Fat females. While fat males are discriminated... more

There are so many people complaining about how bad the rap arena has become. From vulgar lyrics, lack of originality, and sometimes blatant ignorance. Even more insulting is the many rappers that ARE talented that are not getting... more

Had to bring this rant over from Vine! It is all about how we relate to one another and try to resolve issues between us. We are professionals at blaming one another, but rarely work together for resolution. SO it is time to face the blames... more