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Welcome to Vondran Legal Hour. This is Attorney Steve's business and real estate channel. Make sure to "FOLLOW" us by clicking on the button. We handle civil litigation, business, real estate and broker compliance law in California and Arizona.

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Attorney Steve Vondran, The Real Estate Lawyer, explains what happens when two Reatlors are having a dispute and need to file for board arbitration with the local association of which the agents are members. Also discussed is C.A.R.... more

Overview of Software Licensing Audits Engineeer and Architechts be on notice - Autodesk, Adobe and Microsoft can audit your internal coroprate installations of Autocad software and make sure you have properly licensed, and are properly... more

This Vondran Legal Hour Podcast will help you understand what a form interrogatory is, and how to send and respond to them. It is not always easy for non-lawyers to understand the litigation process when dealing with a business,... more

Telephone Consumer Protection Act - [47 U.S.C. 227] We all hate those annoying phone calls from "robodialers" but did you know in some circumstances Plaintiffs can turn these pesky violations into nearly a quarter million dollars? Listen to... more

Arizona Contract for Deed - A.R.S. 33-741 Attorney Steve Vondran, the Real Estate Lawyer (Arizona and California) discusses the "contract for deed" and tries to provide a general legal definition of this concept. Please do not rely on this... more

This episode of Vondran Legal Hour discusses copyright infringement and whether or not you can go into bankruptcy and discharge a unsecured judgment for willful copyright infringement. If you are accused of willful copyright... more

Federal Copyright law - Software infringement defenses to allegations of willful copyright infringement Our intellectual property and copyright attorneys defend companies that are facing an Autodesk audit for AutoCad or Microsoft software... more

Flagstaff Arizona Zoning & Land Use Attorneys This Vondran Legal Hour real estate law podcast discusses the exciting opportunites in Flagstaf, Arizona such as acquiring land for commercial development opportunites or housing for... more

Maricopa County Arizona has launched a new "business court" where only commercial, business and commercial real estate disputes will be heard, Some cases have to have a miminum $50,000 amount in controversy requirement.... more

Introduction When you are involved as a Plaintiff in a financial elder abuse case in California, you need to understand the pre-judgement writ of attachment process. This legal procedure allows you to go after the assets of one or... more
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