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We are a ciivl litigation law firm and this is our podcast where we talk about "everything legal." Big verdicts, legal tips, controversial legal cases in the news, business, IP, sports and entertainment law, real estate law and much more. Call in to get on the air and join the conversation!

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Attorney Steve Vondran discusses insurance subrogation waivers (contractual waivers often found in commercial property leases and contractor agreements). In most cases courts will uphold the language of contractual limits on... more

Are parents responsible for the online conduct of their kids? Attorney Steve weighs in on this extremely important "digital age" legal topic. Your kids need to understand basic digital etiquette and what's at stake if they go around bullying... more

Today's Vondran Legal Hour will focus on the issue of BSA software audits, federal copyright infringement and Rosetta Stone software (the language learning software). Are your employees putting your company at risk of federal copyright... more

Vernon v. Autodesk This episode of Vondran Legal Hour features an overview of the case of Vernon v. Autodesk and asks and answers the question of "Can I buy software at a garage or office sale and sell it on an internet auction website... more

Property owners want to improve their properties and use and enjoy it to the fullest. But every property owner has different ideas about how they should be able to develop their property. If everyone got to choose what they wanted to... more

Criminal background checks on real estate clients and the Fair Housing Laws With the recent murder of Arkansas Real Estate agent Beverly Carter, broker safety is in the forefront of the news. Should real estate brokers and thier frims... more

If you are facing foreclosure in California, or your primary mortgage (1st lien) and your loan servicer is not playing by the rules (i.e. the California Civil Code which dicatates how loan servicers must treat you in the loan modification process,... more

What happens when a CHP officer "goes postal" and starts beating down a citizen with a display of excessive force? Are we lead to believe this is a one-time incident or is the problem of assault & battery by police officers a bigger problem... more

Our California real estate broker law firm gets this question alot when it comes down to a real estate licensee getting an accusation filed against them (ex. a property management company that has trust fund accounting violations such as... more

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT INSURANCE SUBROGATION Insurance Subrogation Lawyer Carl Guerrieri discusses an overview of insurance subrogation law. Here are a few of the questions that we intend to cover. 1.... more
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