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This is an astronomy based podcast/talk show that is devoted to stargazing tips, tricks and astronomical equipment. Do you have questions about how to get into astronomy? Do you have a favorite eyepiece that you want to discuss? What about an observing report that you can't wait to share? Are you shopping for a new telescope, and don't know where to start? Do you want to rant or rave about a specific telescope or astronomical accessory? Do you enjoy stargazing and do you take your telescope out every clear night? Well, At The Eyepiece is dedicated to you. We don’t focus on the science of astronomy, frankly there are plenty of shows/podcasts out there to do that. The focus of At The Eyepiece is the visual observer, those people that enjoy taking their telescopes under the stars, and those people wishing to join our ranks. After all, what really matters to a backyard stargazer is what’s At The Eyepiece.

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I picked up a Mallincam Jr PRO Standard PC version this April, I'll give you my impressions of this astronomical video camera. In addition, I'll share my thoughts on the best control software for the Mallincam's, Miloslick. We'll also discuss... more

Ep 92 NEW Celestron WiFi Scopes NEW Lunt LS50 PT Main Topic Backyard Observatories more

GLOBAL ASTRONOMY MONTH - NEAF 2014!! - New Lodestar X2... more

In this episode of At The Eyepeice, I offer help in planning your Messier Marathon for 2014, plus some online resources for Virtual Messier Marathons if your nights are clouded out.

New Mallincam products, and some significant changes to their existing lineup. AstroLive turns your CCD into a real-time observing tool gets a facelift New heavy-duty mount from Orion My initial impressions of the SBIG STi... more

Today on episode 88 of the At The Eyepiece Show John Dobson - 1915-2014 New Guiding / Planetary Camera - Atik GP Guiding & Planetrary Camera -... more

In this episode, I give you some sweet holiday deals I found on some select astronomical equipment. I share the latest news on Comet ISON, but also share some surprising variety of comets still visilble in our sky this month. All this and... more

Weekly podcast devoted to discussing, astronomical equipment and events, stargazing tips, observing reports, and equipment news and reviews. Tonights episode discusses: ZWO Optical has a new Camera, the ASI034MC.... more

Tonight we discuss 2 naked eye comets visible right now to backyard stargazers. iOptron has raised the bar with not one but 2 new mounts, and an interesting pair of interacting galaxies you can see right from your backyard. All this and... more

Tonights episode is prerecorded. I share some my observing and imaging session on some interesting galaxies - NGC 1084, 1055, and 925 Some nice sales out there going on, specifically OPT and Celestron Hey, ever heard of TPO... more
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