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We talk about all things relavent from music to movies to politics and relationships, we discuss the things that everyone thinks but are affraid to say.

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In recent weeks I've found myself engaged in facebook debate where folks not only argue their point but simultaneously argue the other side and what's hollarious is that the individuals don't even realize it. Debate is all well and good... more

Michael Savage turned todays shooting at the Naval Station in Virginia into a race issue and about gun control. This man has made some of the most racist and idiotic comments in recent conservative talk radio. We'll talk about his hatred of... more

We review todays news and world events, headlines and comment on conservitive talk radio. Hip hop and new music on the mic. Kendrick Lamaar and Meek Mills controversy.

Conservatives seem to love to change the narraitive to suit their needs from the very basic of terminology to historical facts. We'll discuss conservatism and how in of itself conservatism is self-righteous, divisive and ultimately... more

The founding fathers did not believe nor understand "All men are created equal." Even Justice Robert Taney did not believe that's the founding fathers believed nor intended and real historians know this...

The attempt to blame president Obama for the events in the middle east is rediculous. The historical policy's by previous administrations is the reason the middle east is so lost. Conservatives are disingenuous at their core. So this... more

Saggin pants is a style and has little to do with lack of morality just as wearin a suit does not guarantee one is mafioso. And the falseness of Don Lemons 5 points for the black community. Self-righteous falseness of consevatism.... more