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Roger EF Moore

At Home with Roger


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Roger is back on the scene, talking about anything and everything concerning the nation of Guyana and you. About Roger Eamonn Floyd Moore He is 54 years old, worked at the Guyana Broadcasting Communications (GBC) from 1982-1995, then NBT Channel 9 TV station from 1995-2005, where read the news, interviews, produced documentaries, live outside broadcasts, talk shows and produced and anchored GBC’s Action Line. Roger is most famous in Guyana for his television talk show, 'Come Home to Roger' which was considered a voice of the disenfranchise Guyanese. Since October 5th 1992, the PPP Indian Government attacked Journalists perceived anti-Government and created the ACB to censor us when criticised them. After the murder Ronald Waddel and the illegally imprisonment Mark Benschop for treason, and bounty placed on Roger’s head, he fled to England in 2005, the country of my birth. After Roger arrived in England, he found out he was seriously ill. He’s been in and out of hospital since 2006. But He is now stable and gives thanks to God, the support from his family and friends and the staff of Guy’s Hospital.

On-Demand Episodes

Eric Phillips is my guest Wednesday as we discusss what happening in Guyana. From Police cruelty PPP travesties. to efforts made by masses to correct them. Time at 11pm UK, 8pm NY, 7pm GT

Malcom X was murdered by others who did not like what he was saying in many of his speechers he urged blacks to stand up for themselves Here is one of his speeches. The Bullet or the Ballot

Robert Mugabe became the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe when it gained independence from Britain in 1980. Formaly known as Rhodesia, Mugabe waged a war against the then White Supremist racist Prime Minister Ian Smith who... more

Bob Marley was a noted Jamaican singer who was revered in Jamaica and the world. in 1976 he brought the two political parties of Micheal Manley and Edward Seaga.together At a special party and only after just after days after an attempt... more

For more than 20 years the city of Georgetown of Guyana has not had a Mayoral Election and the PPP has been interfering with the Council by imposing the IMC. Now a galant young gentleman in the name of Mark Benschop is running for... more

In the British Westindies the Slaves were freed in 1834 but had to worked for 4 years for absoloute freedom. They had to buy and build thier villages, and aquired the lands. Nothing was given to them, like the Indians, they earned it and... more

, IK Cush is a media consultant and holds a degree in history. He analysise the 'Not GuiltyVerdict' in the Zimmerman Case in which 17year old Trayvon Martin was killed. This is a rebroadcast, but many persons have asked for a repeat.

To morrow is August 1st or Freedom Day in observence of the Freeing of Slaves in 1834. in Guyana in many villages there will be celibrations, drumming, story telling and prayers. But Black people are suffering many have been... more

Join At Home with Roger with special guest, I.K. Cush. He talked to Roger about why the Not Guilty Verdict was given in the Case of Zimmerman, who was tried for murdering 17 year old Treyvon Martin. The Jury was all white and... more

Eric Phillips has appeared on my program before and this weeks he talks about the registering the Village Movement in Guyana and reviving it. Looking at his Facebook their are many person have shown an interest in being involved. The... more