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Atheist Roundtable

Atheist Roundtable


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This is a call-in show about atheism, the lack of belief in supernatural deities and gods. The show airs live at 11:00 pm Eastern every Sunday night. Host Andrew Garber was a true believer for years. Now, after a 12 year apostasy journey, he is an atheist. The show focuses on the issues that have had to change since losing faith.

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The first time I tried this show, the audio sucked. The second time I couldn't login. I'm doing this show again, damnit!! If this sounds crazy, why do believers reverse it on atheists? Why do so mant think that it took some tragedy to make us... more

We've all heard the claim that atheists aren't believers because we've been hurt by a believer. And we all know how crazy that accusation is. But could it work the other way? Have you ever heard of a believer encountering trauma... more

You've all heard the conversation I had with Kurt from Gospel Billboards, but I haven't made any commentary yet. This episode, I'll talk about why I called, and why I think these kinds of discussions are good. You can hear the whole... more

The conclusion on my conversation with Gospel Billboards. If nothing else, I got to really slam the morality of the god of the bible in this one. All the background noise is me moving to plug my computer in. The awesomeness CONCLUDES

This is Part 2 of my conversation with Kurt at Gospel Billboards. Prepare for face-palming. In this segment, we talk extensively about patterns, design, and order. I really try to get Kurt to answer one question. He does an amazing job of... more

In my town, there is a billboard that says, "There is Evidence for GOD. 855-FOR-TRUTH". Well, I called. The whole conversation was just over an hour long, so to get it all, I've had to break it into three parts. So you don't have... more

I've a 10 year old, and a 6 year old. My son has even appeared on this show before, and it may be that he will make another appearance soon. I'll talk about the kinds of discussions we have about religion in my house, and outside of... more

At last we have marriage equality in all 50 states!! Hooray!! It's time to celebrate!! But not everyone is so happy. I gathered some awesome people who were kind enough to join me for an impromptu recording session. These people are the... more

My amazing guest tonight is Brian Hinkley, author of Atheism Religion and Life, a Layman's Perspective. This book is so awesome, you absolutley MUST get it! Brian has created a book about atheism for real people. This book reads like a... more

My guest is the amazing Zach Law of the Zachrilege Cast. Zach and I met briefly at ReasonCon, but didn't get the chance to hang out. Now, we make up for that! The Zachrilege Cast features interviews with your friendly neighborhood... more
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