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Atheist Roundtable

Atheist Roundtable


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This is a call-in show about atheism, the lack of belief in supernatural deities and gods. The show airs live at 11:00 pm Eastern every Sunday night. Host Andrew Garber was a true believer for years. Now, after a 12 year apostasy journey, he is an atheist. The show focuses on the issues that have had to change since losing faith.

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The Thanksgiving holiday is over. The things for which I am grateful are plentiful. I'll talk about those things. Sometimes, people ask how the athest finds meaning or purpose in life. I think this is backward. It was when I lost religion that I... more

When I say I'm "anti-theism", I mean I think theism is bad. I think any good it does is outweighed by the bad. But that doesn't mean I'm "anti-theist". Theists are lovely people. They just hold bad ideas. Now I realize it's hard to separate the... more

TW: rape. This show will discuss rape culture and other sensitive topics. This past week, I posted a video I found from a friend of the show's wall. The video is of a couple of toddlers. One acts inappropriately, but the tag from the original post... more

This is part 2 of my interview with Dave Foda. This is the part you wanted to hear. We dive straight into strong atheism, why Dave says there is no god, the evidence he has to back that up and so much more awesomeness. After... more

It was over a year ago when I first heard Dave Foda asserting strong atheism, that is the stance that god does not exist. Dave finds the idea that he simply lacks a belief in a god does not accurately describe his atheism. This is Part 1... more

The last religious thing I ever did was I got my son circumcised. It was weird then, I wasn't an atheist yet, but I wasn't religious, either. Still, my wife and I made the choice to have this done. Was it wrong? By the time my daughter was born, we... more

The first time I tried this show, the audio sucked. The second time I couldn't login. I'm doing this show again, damnit!! If this sounds crazy, why do believers reverse it on atheists? Why do so mant think that it took some tragedy to make us... more

We've all heard the claim that atheists aren't believers because we've been hurt by a believer. And we all know how crazy that accusation is. But could it work the other way? Have you ever heard of a believer encountering trauma... more

You've all heard the conversation I had with Kurt from Gospel Billboards, but I haven't made any commentary yet. This episode, I'll talk about why I called, and why I think these kinds of discussions are good. You can hear the whole... more

The conclusion on my conversation with Gospel Billboards. If nothing else, I got to really slam the morality of the god of the bible in this one. All the background noise is me moving to plug my computer in. The awesomeness CONCLUDES
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