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Prophecy,Biblical truth, World Religions, World Events, False Teachings, Christian Sects.

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HOST: Brenda Johnson~Who is the Beast of Revelation? What relationship does this have with Islam? Do you know where the 7 hills of Revelation are located? Is it in Rome? Will Islam be part of the Old Roman Empire? Will the old Roman... more

What is the Hebraic Roots Movement REALLY? Is it a form of Christian Kabbalah? Should Christians dismiss what Historical Christianity and embrace Jewish literature and sages? Will knowing Torah, Midrash, Talmud and Zohar... more

HOST: Brenda Johnson~~~ Did you know that Christians believe the wrong things about practically EVERYTHING? Well, the Emergent Church thinks so. They say Christians have missed the mark on sin, the Cross, Atonement, the... more

HOST:Brenda Johnson When an Emergent "Christian" talks about globalization, "loving thy neighbor" and the Kingdom of God what do they mean? The Emergent Church believes that Christians have failed to carry out Jesus' message of the... more

HOST:Brenda Johnson~~~ This episode gives a brief overview of the Emergent Church-God's global mission, "missional", the 2 biggest global problems, how Christianity has failed to impact culture, community and the world and THE... more

Hosted by Brenda Johnson~~What is a Generous orthodoxy? And what does the Emergent mean when they say the Church is in the next Great Schism. What is the Church asked to "rethink" On this episode I will highlight as many topics of... more

Hosted by Brenda Johnson~~What is a Generous orthodoxy? What is this "generous" orthodoxy rejecting & advocating? Should the Church embrace it? Does Jesus care about global problems? Has the church EVER had a possitive... more

Host~Brenda Johnson~I will be explaining Kabbalah, it's orgins and its impact on Jewish theology and the Church. Is there such a thing called Christian Kabbalah? Is it occult magic? Does the Talmud, Midrash, Zohar and other sage... more

Susan Puzio on todays broadcast will discuss the turmoil in the Middle East and how it pertains to the end times. Why are so many Muslim leaders being overthrown? Our guests are Brenda Johnson of As the Day Approaches and... more

Phil will be interviewing all the hosts on the Prophecy Zone Network for a roundtable discussion, Susan Puzio, Brenda Johnson and Christine Weick. Christine is the author of the book "Explain This" a verse by verse explanation of... more
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