How Should a Christian Respond to Islamic TERRORISM?

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In light of the Boston Marathon Bombing on April 15th how should a Christian respond to terrorism, especially when it's carried out in our own country by those who follow Islam, the religion of “peace”?

Terrorism in Islam ALWAYS has layers that both speak a message to its victims and its supporters. CHRISTIANS BEWARE!


As Christians, Jesus tells us to “turn the other cheek”. Does this mean we fail to protect ourselves from acts of violence? If we are supposed to “love our enemy” and “do good to those who hate us” how do we respond to Islamic terrorism? Islam is a religion of “the sword” and Christianity is a religion of “the Cross”. In the end Islam has made a declaration: they will be the only religion left standing. Are there “winners and losers”? Is the message of the Cross in Christianity more offensive than the message of the Sword in Islam? Can’t we all get along?! Why do Muslims hate the West? Should the West “shut-up” assimilate, subjugate and alleviate our “offensive message” as an act of “good will” and “peace”?  

Islamic justice demands the guilty be punished. Christianity demands the guilty be punished. Where’s the difference? We are dealing with two polarizing ideologies. In today’s program we will take a look at the differences. And we will also address how some Christian-based messages are offensive to the cross of Christ. In the end will Christians give Islam the “upper hand?”

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