Patterns of the Fall: Lance Armstrong-An Archetypal Portrait

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Patterns of the Fall: Lance Armstrong
     Elie Wiesel spoke of the hero as that truly unique person who cares more for the spiritual welfare of their community than for their own needs. So how is it that despite the perennial wisdom on heroes taught to us by Wiesel, Joseph Campbell, Jung, and M. L.von Franz, that we persist in bestowing this mantle of importance on individuals unable to carry this archetypal pattern and mandate on their all too human shoulders?
    Is the saga of Lance Armstrong yet another story of our need to both inflate and glorify values that in truth are far from heroic? When this happens, both the individual and the collective are left with disappointments, betrayals and loss of hope, leaving all involved in terribly compromised positions?
    In this edoside, we will look at the archetypal factors driving Lance Armstrong's fall from grace, and the patterns which reveal the deeper   var Episode = { ApiRootUrl: '', ads:"Fri, Feb 1, 2013", adTag: "{aid}&c.qdsd={qdsd}&c.tpt={tpt}&c.campaign=", bProfile:false, customEmbedCode:"Check Out Psychology Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Assisi Institute on BlogTalkRadio", CompanionHeight: 250, CompanionId: 'companion1', CompanionWidth: 300, dur:1680000, Duration: 1680, edl: [], hostID:155798, HostId: 155798, hostName:"Assisi Institute", hName:"Assisi Institute", hUrl:"assisi-institute", hostUrl:"/assisi-institute", IsOvaEnabled: true, lp:false, mod:"false", pageName:"patterns-of-the-fall-lance-armstrong-an-archetypal-portrait", showDateUTC:1359741600, showDateSTR:"2/1/2013 6:00:00 PM", showFile:'/assisi-institute/2013/02/01/patterns-of-the-fall-lance-armstrong-an-archetypal-portrait.mp3?localembed=showpage&guid=7f6ed746-e908-437d-b22c-8ae225b99adb', showID:4343917, showImage: "", showLink: "/assisi-institute/2013/02/01/patterns-of-the-fall-lance-armstrong-an-archetypal-portrait", showName:"Patterns of the Fall: Lance Armstrong-An Archetypal Portrait", sIsMP3LiveStream:"1", skipAds:false, state:"archived", ttstcd:-3600, ttl:0, wwwroot:"", userID:"53318cc7-17d1-4b45-aecf-57998f8ad9b2", z:{} } Player.createPlayer(Episode); $(document).ready(function () { MYBTR.setupEpisode(Episode); $(document).on("modulesReady", function() { $(document).trigger("pageWireupReady", Episode); }); });