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Jeffrey Deutsch



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Helping people on and off the autism spectrum understand, respect and work with one another. A SPLINT stands for ASPies LInking with NTs. Aspies have Asperger Syndrome (AS), an autism spectrum condition. NTs are neurotypicals, who are not on the spectrum.

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Ever since it was announced that Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook school shooter, had Asperger Syndrome - an autism spectrum condition - more people are wondering if Aspies (as we call ourselves) are inherently violent. (In fact, a few... more

Pretty much everyone has their own demons - what might have beens, pet peeves, personal triggers and things like that. We Aspies have plenty of demons, and sometimes it can help for NTs to know a bit about them. We'll talk a... more

Taking up Dan Savage's challenge, we Aspies will share our stories about how life on the autism spectrum gets better once we grow up. Once we become adults, we'll have a great deal more choice and freedom - and responsibility too. We'll... more

Let's have some general discussion on ways folks on the autism spectrum (Aspies) and folks off of it (NTs, or neurotypicals) can build bridges on the job, in school and in personal relationships!

A SPLINT - ASPies LInking with NTs. Just the place for people on the autism spectrum, or Aspies, to get a better look at how people and social situations like workplaces, friendships, dates, etc., operate. Also a great place for NTs... more