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You are an Infinite Being - Spirit - chose to come here to the planet at this amazing time. But how the heck do you work things here in time and space?! I can help you with that – learning how to be Spirit In-Body. Readings to enlighten, Healings clear, Classes so you can learn How To for yourself. You created this amazing body to be Your lifelong companion and vehicle – You want this body-personality to walk your Spirit into the world, especially at this amazing time. There are over 7 billion spirits in bodies at this time, and many more than that spirits without bodies, so you know this IS The Party everyone one wants to be at at this time. Learning how to be aware of subtle energies, what is your energy and what is not, is a fabulous way to support yourself and improve your intentional manifesting in your daily life. Each episode is designed to be a contribution to the listener either through talking about what the angels are bringing up, answering email questions or taking calls. Join in! Psychic is a faculty, like sighted. Fortune telling is different. I do not predict the future, since you as Spirit have not written in. I read the energy of What IS. Please “follow me” here on BlogTalk Radio “like me” on FB – A Spiritual Persepective read my on my website: Private sessions are available as well. Please see my website for more information about Readings, Healings and Classes.

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I have been having so much fun lately working with mini or Faire readings lately, I thought it would be great to do some on the air. Call in at 3:00 PM to Hear a Message from your guides! Remember - this is an on-air mini-reading, so don't... more

Everything about living involves creativity. From your dreams to your grades, car, career, relationships - all of these are manifestations of your creavitive energies. Your story holds many treasures to who you are, what you are capable of,... more

Validation, invalidation and father energy I have noticed lately in talking with people about validation, they kind of nod their heard, "yea, yea, yea," distracted and not paying attention. "Yea, I give myself validation but it doesn't make any... more

I wrote an article recently I said, "If you are not actively validating yourself, you are passively invalidating yourself." It is true, yet there is a lot of confusion about what validation is. In this episode we'll be talking about invalidation, self-doubt,... more

Highly sensitive people or Empaths are often very Other focused. Being sensative to other people's vibrations or emotions can make being around other people a challenge, which can make being around the Empath a challenge too! You may... more

This Friday, June 6, I have a new teleclass begining. A 4 week course of energy techniques (meditation) that help you beccome conscious of being Spirit in a body. It is a great class with fun things to do and best of all, things you can play... more

When you are connected and have that deep core KNOWING you can do anything. An obsticle comes along and it's just a blip on the road when you are connected to your KNOWING. But when you are not, when you aren't sure of... more

INBody You Telecourse begins this coming Friday, June 6th, at 6:00 PM Pacific. Tonight we will talk about You as Spirit, Infinite Being, and Your relationship with the everyday, Time-Warner you in th body, or the body-personality as I call it.... more

Bringing your Infinite Self and Being into your everyday consciousness is the purpose of this daily spiritual Practice. When body can feel the benefits of Spirit being present, body gets on board with doing the energy work-out that you... more

Often the first thing people think of when they hear about clearing blocks to receiving is limits like being programmed more towards giving, or even thinking they have none! But there are a lot of kinds of blocks to receiving - some that... more
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