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A Spirit of Mt Shasta

A Spirit of Mt Shasta


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My name is Suzy Ellen Star and I have been in this body for 82 years having incarnated as the daughter of my chosen parents, coming into this life with full memory of who I am. My mother being a true pioneer woman great daughter of Andrew Jackson and the Moore's from Europe and my father being a gentle loving man of Huguenot & Indian decent. Surgery in 1970 where I died on the operating table and was shown my true self and the mission I was sent here to perform, and then told that I had to go back and continue experiencing living as a human and then the veil was dropped again but it left me with the knowingness that  I needed to end my 22 year marriage. I then entered the professional work field, made lots of money, was taken by a con artist & lost it all. Moved to Alaska with a new husband, then on to Kauai where I resided for 10 years, prior to moving to WA to attend the Ramtha School for 18 years prior to moving to OR where I had been divinely guided to move to work with a brilliant spiritual scientist .And for the last ten years, as I have worked on the mission that I was sent here to accomplish, I have worked on my goals and persevered. I have developed my creativity so my mission has evolved to a much larger project than I originally conceived. I have gone through many transformations and rebirths of ideas and have enjoyed many wonderful allies (starseeds) who are ready to step forward and work as a team with me on the project, that was assigned to me for completion as they knew I had the determination and focus to keep working until the correct time for this mission to become a physical manifestation. I have seen in dreams, my endeavors coming to fruition in the near future and so I share with you my vision. You may find more about me and my mission by visiting my website: