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Melissa Barton recently announced the filing of a federal lawsuit against the St. Lucie County Schools in Florida. The lawsuit alleges that her son Alex was kicked out of his kindergarten class last year as a result of his teacher, Wendy Portillo... more

Recognized experts in the field of autism state that understanding the unique qualities of autistic females will lead to a greater understanding of the spectrum as a whole. Dr Attwood is a best selling author, a practicing psychologist for... more

Katie is an adult female on the autism spectrum and she is an artist; however Katie states, "I prefer to be thought of as an artist, not an autistic artist. The latter implies special consideration, and I don’t need that. Art should be judged on its... more

Dana, the founder of Rethinking Autism joins AWA Radio to invite the autism community to change the current media ruled conversation to include autistic adults having a pro-active say in the decisions which affect them personally. Our... more

Adonya joined us today for an hour of candid discussions on Neurodiversity and personal responsibility as advocates in the autism community. Adonya is an author, poet, autism advocate, and founder of the community-based nonprofit,... more

Michael Buckholtz, author, musician, advocate, and adult on the autism spectrum joined us to discuss the importance of what we say and how we say it as it pertains to autism. Michael explained what he means by his book's sub-title,... more

Lindsey Nebeker & Dave Hamrick joined us for a discussion on autism and relationships. Lindsey and Dave are in a long term relationship, they share an apartment, and both are diagnosed with autism. Their story was featured in... more

Best selling Author of "Look Me In The Eye," John Elder Robison returns to AWA Radio to continue his discussion on Asperger's and selecting a partner. John will be AWA Radio's first guest to participate in our new game *Hot Seat!*... more

Females with autism have a recognized vulnerability to all forms of abuse. Unique safety training strategies are essential in order to address specific safety concerns for females with ASD. Anny Jacoby, a nationally recognized expert in... more