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Get answers to your basic, or not so basic cooking questions as Chef Shane Frisco explains tools, terminology, techniques, and more, in a comprehensive live Q&A. It's like a free cooking class in every episode. Restaurant owners and food service businesses managers are also welcome to listen in or call with industry related questions. **Brought to you by Better Way Gourmet**

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Get your cooking questions answered here!

Chef Shane recalls his worst dining experience ever! Hear a listener ask a question that he DOESN'T know the answer to! What does the percetage of cacao in chocolate mean? How do you melt chocolate without burning it? What... more

Chef Shane answers questions about the classic comfort . . . chili! What are the disadvantages of using a pressure cooker? How long can you keep broth? What are some healthier ways to make chili? Is authentic chili spicy hot? What's the... more

Chef Shane will discuss tips and strategies for making your whole week's meals, taking the stress out of cooking.

What is a Dutch Oven? What is a peppercorn? How do you cook a pork shoulder? Chef Shane answers this and more. Food News: Salmonella Spread By Peanut Butter

You ask the questions. Chef Shane gives you the answers.

Chef Shane answers: Current food trends..."Is white chocolate really chocolate?" What are some good New Year's diet habits? Food News: New Year's resolutions...keeping off the pounds.

Chef Shane Frisco welcomes his wife and (co-host) Sharon, and brother Brandon to the show for a special Christmas family broadcast. Shane discusses the history of the candy cane, explains the blanching process, and more!

Answering your tough and not so tough cooking questions live. Submit your question by visiting

Answering your tough and not so tough cooking questions live. Submit your question by visiting