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Net neutrality -- regulating the internet? Fairness Doctrine for bloggers? Dr. Daniel Ballon of the Pacific Research Institute discusses its implications.

The worldwide implications of Russia's invasion into Georgia. Rescheduled: TIME magazine cover story David Bellavia returns from Iraq where he fought al qaeda, and again as an embed reporter in Diyala Province.

Ken Gartrell says Obama's policies would be disastrous to the US economy. Regarding the media: "Concerns that the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times have about the profits of ExxonMobil are pathetic. When will these... more

should America insert itself into the Georgia-Russia Conflict? Foreign Policy Expert Says the Bush Administration Should Send U.S. Troops to the Region, but Avoid War.

Gen. Jerry Boykin, Special Ops leader whose career endede in controversy is fighting back. A former commander of Delta force, Boykin was the newly appointed deputy undersec'y of defense for intelligence in Oct. 2003 when NBC... more

Dr. Jerry Corsi, co-author of Unfit for Command, has written another expose blockbuster -- this time about Barack Obama. "The Obama Nation". Dr. Corsi joins us to discuss what he's learned about The One.

Florida Physician Bruce Thomas is team doc for Chinese Olympic Baseball Team, and is headed to Bejing. But first, he drops in to tell us about the pollution, censorship, and joys of being in Red China.

Dr. Ronald Heberman, director of the U of Pitt Cancer Institute, recently warned cell phone users to limit their usage. He's basing his claim on early data that contradicts studies that have not found a link between cancer and cell phone... more

Steve Berkman finds nothing but mismanagement and hypocrisy -- 16 years in The World Bank tells him everything he needs to know, and he shares it with us tonight. PLUS, commentary on today's news.

What's going on in San Francisco? Homosexual sex acts on public streets in the modern day Sodom. Also, Hal Valeche is campaigning for disgraced Florida Rep. Mark Foley's seat. Valeche drops in to tell us why.