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Are bloggers about to be censored? Two blogsites have been suspended, the AP wants to curtail use of its material, blogger arrests are increasing, Verizon/TELUS to limit internet use on pay as you go basis... what's happening to the... more

Motorists can expect gasoline prices around $4 gallon through next year, according to the Energy Department. Rep. Goode recently voted to lift domestic offshore drilling restrictions, which was killed by the House Appropriations... more

Tonight's topics: SCOTUS decision! And atty. Tony Hernandez III. Tony defended one of the accused teens ordered to make a You Tube video apology.

There are rumblings in and around Washington, D.C., to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. Liberals are more determined than ever to take over talk radio. "Unmasking the Myths Behind the Fairness Doctrine" Brian Fitzgerald, author,... more

A woman was assaulted by two teens after she served them a 32 oz. soft drink through the take-out window of a local Taco Bell. The teens hurled the drink at her as part of a perverse "Fire in the Hole" game. The entire episode was... more

Tonight Douglas V. Gibbs and I talk about several issues --- and you don't want to miss any of them!

BREAKING NEWS!!! FIND OUT WHY until recently, for all Kansans knew, Kathleen Sebelius was the best thing to happen to the state since ethanol. Their “moderate” Democrat governor had taken major national wall space as a... more

Andrea talks about Barack Obama -- it's the media, stupid. The MSM has selected and they will get him elected. Also, the "Michelle tape". Where is it? And the marketing of Obama. It'll take 6 marketing firms to get him perfected for prime... more

Islamic antisemitism is as old as Islam itself, and is not a mere borrowing from non-Muslim sources, as has been claimed. Andrew Bostom's THE LEGACY OF ISLAMIC ANTISEMITISM: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History, (Prometheus... more

Does the Michelle "Whitey" Obama tape exist? Some seem to think so. And what about that Vanity Fair piece on Bubba? Whew! Tonight Richard S. Lowry stops by with an update on the war -- is it winding down?