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A potpourri -- a smorgasborg -- a buffet. A plateful. Tonight. Don't be late. We serve it up at 8 Central... 9pm... more

The latest on the border crisis and whether Congress will get a bill thru before their upcoming month long August recess. The Court said the four words in the law that mean what they say are: "established by the state": If you bought... more

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is calling for National Guard troops to be deployed on the Texas border. Is this good optics for someone with eyes on the White House in 2016? Or is he sincerely trying to do something meaningful to stem the flow of... more

Documentary film maker Chris Burgard of Little Bonanza Productions recently interviewed Zack Taylor, a retired 26-year Border Patrol Agent who now heads the (NAFBPO) National Association of Former Border Patrol Agents. Tonight Chris... more

"Trevor Loudon will join Andrea Shea King on The Radio Patriot Blogcast tonight at 9:30 PM EST. Andrea's show is simply one of the very best and most informative shows out there and she will be speaking with Trevor about his... more

Tonight --- Kristinn Taylor broke three HUGE immigration stories this week that were linked on the Drudge Report. His latest? He joins us tonight with details. Also... earlier today I participated in a telecon about the US House lawsuit... more

GLENN BECK'S BOLD AND SANCTIMONIOUS TOUR Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse has posted his thoughts about Beck's efforts. I agree with his assessment, especially about how Beck is labeling us "Right Wing" .... more

Headlines and nightmares. But wait... I repeat myself. Border policy is backfiring Gutierrez: Border is Secure Holder: Racial Animus Liberty or Tyranny? Mexicans blame Americans for Death Train Small Lifeless children wash up on banks... more

Arizona has its share of headline-making issues: it is among the border states grappling with the onslaught of illegal aliens streaming across the border, compliments of Obama and his regime. It's a HUGE problem -- one that the... more

What law gave the federal government the authority to do what it is doing at the border? Obama wants nearly 4 billion dollars. Will Congress give it to him? Sen. John McCain has told HHS that he wants all observation restrictions at... more