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Hollywood's Oscar nominations have caused quite a stor for their notable lack of minorities. Critics everywhere are still scratching their heads, wondering why the movie SELMA wasn't included. Longtime entertainment lawyer and ATLAS SHRUGGED movie producer Harmon Kaslow knows first hand the political correctness in H'wood and joins us tonight to talk about the Osca noms and how movies really get made in Hollywood. Oscar snubs, political correctness in Hollywood, the business of movie making and his latest proect Atlas Shrugged.
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Today's Senate Judiciary Hearing questioning Loretta Lynch, potential Attorney General replacement for Eric Holder. Several generals have formed a committe to investigate what exactly happened in Benghazi, and they're concerned that... more

Benghazi Committee Chair Trey Gowdy : White House Witnesses Will Come Testify ?Whether They Want to Never Again. An anniversary. Where's Hillary? Obama dispatches hit squad to take out Netanyahu.

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Retired USAF Colonel John Warden joins us for this special edition of the program to discuss ISIS, the Iraq Crisis, as well as the recent military strikes in Syria. Col. Warden commandeered the 1st air invasion for Operation Desert... more

Tsunamis, earthquakes, world wars, nuclear disasters, and upheaval in the Middle East - could it be we are living in the final trumpet days of Revelation? In his new book "Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation",... more

House Speaker John Boehner invites Israeli PM Netanyahu to speak before a joint session on February 11. The White House was not informed until the invitation was extended to Netanyahu and accepted. The West Wing's nose is... more

Tonight -- a healthy and sane alternative to Obama's insane "State of the Union" address to Congress and America. Like the most interesting man said, "I don't usually straighten up my sock drawer, but when I do, Obama is giving his State... more

Like millions of others, I viewed the film American Sniper this past weekend. Tonight - my reaction to the film, the man that was Chris Kyle, the actor who portrays him - Bradley Cooper, and director Clint Eastwood.

Retired attorney and US citizen Kurt Haskell on Christmas Day 2009 witnessed an accomplice helping ‘Underwear Bomber' Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab board a Northwest Airlines flight in Amsterdam without a passport. Hours... more

Are YOU an extremist? Obama thinks so. The House has voted to undo Obama's immigration actions. Will it pass in the Senate? And is Boehner playing games? The Jeffrey Epstein case - will it ensnare Clinton? Court docs reveal even more.