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I watched last night's debate and have quite a few observations. I'll share them with you tonight on my radio program. Join me. Lines will be open for YOU to weigh in too. Trump: Strength, strong, agent of change who wants to change Washington. And the American people are his priority. Hillary: Knew the wonky issues. But is her experience the RIGHT experience? Part of the corruption of the establishment. The economy is fine? Foreign policy when she was in charge led to chaos. What did her policies accomplish for Americans? Lester Holt gave her a lot of assists too. Was he the third debater?
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Tonight our Capitol hill analyst Elizabeth Chryst brings us up to date with her insider knowledge of what's going on in the 2016 campaigns, the Congress, and the Senate. What are the polls telling us? Will IRS commissioner Koskinen be... more

Hillary's I.T. Guy Paul Combetta, aka: ?stonetear? – The Reddit and The Timeline… Trump meets with Egyptian president What would a Muslim American President do? Who would a former GOP President vote for? --more--

Trump won't get into the details. Hillary has a plan but it's weak and full of holes. What to do about the growing and steadily encroaching jihadist attacks on American soil. That and more on this Monday night as we kick off another week.

The latest Emerson polls were released today and Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by 2 points nationally and in four states– Colorado — Georgia — Missouri — Arkansas Hidlabeast is back on the trail,... more

Was Mike Pence rebuffed as he tried to rally G.O.P. leaders over ‘Deplorables' as the New York Times reported? Funding for the upcoming fiscal year -- another Continuing Resolution? And is that a bad thing? Congress... more

So much to cover! So much has happened in the past couple of weeks since we've been together here on the show. But I'm back and ready to rock. Are you?

Lots to talk about. Join me. Let's open up the crypt and see what we can find.

An insider look at the presidential and senate campaigns with the first woman elected kSecretary to the US Senate during the Republican majority and minority. Elizabeth Chryst understands how the system works, who the players are, and... more

When his book, TWA 800: The Crash, the Cover-Up, The Conspiracy, was published last month, Jack Cashill hoped the twentieth anniversary of the disaster might prompt at least some media interest. "I was kidding myself. The collective... more

Wikileaks. The Clinton Foundation. Pay for play. Media manipulation. Another Snowden at the NSA? Assange in danger? Trump's immigration policy. All that and as much more as we can fit in.