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Join Host Mechi Renee and her guests as we talk about life, love,relationships, career, and business.

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Most of us are familiar with the psychological condition known as anorexia, when someone purposely deprives themselves of food, despite being painfully hungry. But what about ?emotional anorexia,? or feeling spiritually and emotionally... more

Many of us have approached dating by gaining independence from our parents, achieving goals, and acquiring possessions. However, the greatest relationship that is overlooked the most is the one between you, your soul, and God. To... more

What exactly is the art of detachment? Can you be too in touch with your emotions? Come learn how detaching from your emotions can broaden your potential for success. Our guest, Juliana, will be ready to handle any and all... more

This movie is a family coming-of-age comedy about Chelsea, a teenager who just wants to be seen as normal. However, with the strange lifestyle that her family lives as her stepdad completes his indie horror movie projects, she... more

Interested in spicing up your love life by adding some fantasy into the bedroom? Want to share your deepest fantasies with your partner, but just not sure how to go about getting started? If you feel embarrassed, ashamed or afraid to... more

Is your inner child at peace or running and ruining your life without you knowing it? Come and join us as we discuss how to identify when you're dealing with childhood trauma. We'll also discuss techniques to resolve past issues. Our... more

What is it about color that is so powerful? Most of us feel passionately about some and are repelled by others. Maybe you adored royal blue at one time but now feel a deep need to surround yourself with earth tones? Do you wonder... more

What is sibling rivalry? Sibling rivalry is a term used to describe the competition between siblings. Sometimes this competition results in negative behavior, fighting, or just vying for parental attention. Interestingly the age gap between... more

Do you ever wonder if your relationship is healthy? Could your partner be toxic? Please join us as we explore what normal and healthy relationship dynamics are. Our guest, Juliana, will be answering listeners' relationship questions using the... more

Have you ever wondered why women settle and allow themselves to be the mistress or sidekick in a mans life. Our guest Belinda Hunter author of Waiting On My Cue will bring us to grips with a few reasons that women settle. Fact or... more