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Ms. HeartBeat (Deborrah Cooper), a social researcher, dating expert, author and advice columnist, serves as producer and host of The Date Smarter, Not Harder Relationships Talk Show. With almost 20 years of relationship industry experience, Ms. HeartBeat provides reliably witty, often hilarious and informative advice about modern dating issues. She is the author of the Top Black Books of 2007 Award Winning guide to modern dating: "Sucka Free Love - How to Avoid Dating The Dumb, The Deceitful, The Dastardly, The Dysfunctional & The Deranged", "24 Types of Suckas to Avoid" and "The Black Church...Where Women Pray and Men Prey!" Order your copies on Amazon.Com. Join Deborrah and exciting guests as they discuss a wide variety of relationships based subject matter on Sunday nights at 6:30 p.m. (PST).

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Special guest Pauline Edward will discuss how astrology and numerology can be used to guide you to the match of your dreams! Find out how it can work for you.

Every man tests every single woman he meets to see if she is a lady he can trust and give his heart to, or to see if she is a trifling, money grubbing, baby-making, sleep around 'ho. Tonight we'll discuss why men test women and the kinds of... more

A wide variety of topics discussed on dating, relationships, romance, and love. Cheating, accepting your mate for who and what he is, the games cheaters play, double standards, online dating, baby daddies, alcohol and its impact on... more

Do you think every guy you go out with may be "the one?" Do you hesitate to date more than one man because you think good girls shouldn't do such things? Do you sit around a lot, waiting for a fellow you aren't in a real relationship with... more

The horror stories about Internet dating are mind-boggling! It's an exciting technology and enables communication with people around the world in mere seconds. There are stories of couples that met and married after meeting on the... more
Ms HeartBeat

Doc Love Is Crazy and if You Follow His Dating Advice, You Are Too!

  • by Ms HeartBeat
I was invited by Alan Roger Currie, host of blogtalk show Upfront and Straightforward and author of Mode One to co-host his show earlier this evening, and participate in the interview with Doc Love. Listen to the broadcast here:... more

The issue of weight in an image conscious society has a major impact on dating opportunities and dating success. How many extra pounds are within the range of 'acceptable'? Is there a different standard for men, women, by culture or race?... more

You're single and looking for that special someone. Let's say you finally meet someone you like. Sparks fly! Within hours you are wondering if this one is THE ONE. Acting upon those assumptions a relationship is established. But as the... more

Most of the time we and our dates are on the same page with the "I'm cool if I never see you again!" thing. But what do you do when you ARE interested and you DO hope for a second date, and it doesn't happen? Why do so many... more
Ms HeartBeat

Nice Guys - Why Are Nice Guys Losers in the Dating Game?

  • by Ms HeartBeat
Nice guys are confused about why they can't get the woman they want and why players get all the girls. This was the subject of discussion on March 19th on the Sucka Free Dating Talk Show. And I discovered some interesting facts as well... more
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