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Ms. HeartBeat (Deborrah Cooper), a social researcher, dating expert, author and advice columnist, serves as producer and host of The Date Smarter, Not Harder Relationships Talk Show. With almost 20 years of relationship industry experience, Ms. HeartBeat provides reliably witty, often hilarious and informative advice about modern dating issues. She is the author of the Top Black Books of 2007 Award Winning guide to modern dating: "Sucka Free Love - How to Avoid Dating The Dumb, The Deceitful, The Dastardly, The Dysfunctional & The Deranged", "24 Types of Suckas to Avoid" and "The Black Church...Where Women Pray and Men Prey!" Order your copies on Amazon.Com. Join Deborrah and exciting guests as they discuss a wide variety of relationships based subject matter on Sunday nights at 6:30 p.m. (PST).

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Have you heard that "husband stealing" is on the rise world-wide? That could mean the fantasy perfect family life you think you will or do have is in danger. After all, nobody wants someone that nobody else wants, right? Research on... more

Interracial relationships have always gone on in the black community, primarily taking place between black men and women of other races. However, over the past 15 years or so, black women are catching up and marrying non-black... more

All over the country, black women hold out hope of finding the mythical "Good Black Man." This guy is as rare as a Unicorn. Yeah I do know a few (some of them call this show), but reality is that 99.5% of black men are no where... more

The question has to be asked. Looking at the verbally and emotionally abusive language and cruel words used both online and offline - coupled with reports all over the world of atrocities and assaults committed by black and brown men... more

The pick up artist industry is an amazing one ... men around the world who claim that women are second class citizens, need to submit to them, are nothing but ho's, etc. are paying $5000-10000 for a weekend to learn how to understand... more

Many men are deathly afraid of marrying a woman that other men view as "a ho". They want to marry a "good girl" and constantly worry that a woman will expose herself to be more experienced sexually than he is comfortable with. But I think... more

RFS is a recently recognized affliction suffered by millions of black women. Most do not know they have it, as the rhetoric is dispensed on a daily basis, and many have built up a resistance over the years. Rhetoric Fatigue Syndrome is the... more

An article came out today that claimed black women are spending too much time and effort going to school, when they should instead be spending that time focusing on men and marriage. As you can imagine, it created quite an uproar.... more

Were you aware of the fact that there are three main stages that every relationship passes through from first meeting to happily ever after? That's right, there are three primary stages to building a real and lasting relationship,... more

Have you noticed what I've noticed... that most black males are suffering from some form of SERIOUS mental illness? The vast numbers of those displaying behavioral traits of a sociopath is frightening. Others display the traits and... more
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