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Womb Envy and the Male War on Women

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Ms HeartBeat

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Men are waging war on all things female across the globe. Why? Because they have womb envy and fear female power. Men hate women and this is why:

#1 Men hate women worldwide and have declared war on the entire female gender;

#2 Men hate women because they are jealous of what women are and the power women have, things men do not and never will have; and

#3 Men hate women because men have womb envy and secretly want to be women.

Yeah, I said it.  You may not believe it, but then I have to ask the deadly question:

Coud these statements be true and the reason why men are doing all they can to control and destroy that which is female, including Mother Earth herself? Was Valerie Solanas onto something when she wrote The SCUM Manifesto?

Stalking, assaults, rape, child molestation, abduction, sexual harassment at places of employment, laws being passed which strip women of the rights to control their own bodies and fertility, laws being passed which make it legal for adult men to "marry" infant girls - robbing them of a childhood, murders of women and children, beatings, sex slavery, manipulation and lying - the list goes on.

Come ready to discuss the global war on women and children, and male hatred towards all things female demonstrated in the most vile and violent acts. If these trends continue escalating as they have been for the past 20 years, what will become of women and children?

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This is Part 1 of a three-part series.

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