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Friends and fans of The Mutare Group in Boston, MA. These programs are for people who are troubled by their current economic situation. If you are thinking about starting a business - or already have and want to make sure life and work can coexist in healthy ways. These programs are for you and your extended family. Special focus will be given on business owner start ups.

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Can't see the way from where you are to where you want to be? Think you are the only person with these problems? You are NOT! AskDrRhonda.com sponsors ?A Path Thru? programs beginning in January with www.blogtalkradio.com/askdrrhonda series. Listen live or download later wisdom from thought and action leaders sharing how they have made meaningful progress and transitions toward life goals. Learn ho
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Last spring when the pants I put on today that are NOW too loose but were then almost to tight to button I made a commitment. I promised myself to use ALL the tools I knew about to get ahead of weight issues. To not cut myself off from... more

Yep. I spent part of this summer in school. With a Ph.D. in Organizational Development you might ask ?Is there really more to learn?? YOU BET there is friend! I have wrestled with helping leaders (YOU and ME) for years often... more

Are you a guest parent for the summer? Are your friends with kids visiting? Don't stress instead listen to Educator Ashley R. Johnson on appropriate activities for fun and learning.

Listen and learn how Plamen Karadonev (plamenkaradonev.com) became fascinated by jazz and other contemporary styles and for the next few years he focused on recording some of his original compositions which meld folk and... more

Feel like you are stuck in career or personal life? Think there is now way to make changes? Afraid to even THINK about goals because they are impossible? Listen at 1230PM ET for a swift kick in seat of your pants to motivate you toward... more

Go-getters, Type A Personality-24 hour a day getting it done? STOP for a few minutes and think before acting. Do your current goals match current actions? Do you even know? Listen live at 1230PM EDT on ways to reflect and realign... more

Sheila Coggins-Gray - Business Owner and Entrepreneur, will share how her career has shifted not only around family but also as industries have changed. How she is planning for the next five to ten years and how you can too.... more

A Path Thru-Neiima Rose Returns – Author of ?Chasing Forgiveness: Abortion, a Life Sentence? returns to share how publishing her book has changed life – what she expected and what has been a surprise. Learn how... more

A Path Thru-Paul R Smith, MBA – Peak Leadership Group, Project Management in companies very often separates success from failure. Listen as Mr. Smith share insights and methods he has studied, developed and... more

Bert Jackson – Web Security – for individuals and businesses. Founder of Koa Media, Bert Jackson founder of Koa Media will share ways to keep your personal and busienss information safe these days with so many... more
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