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ASK DR. APPLEWHITE Radio Talk Show (formerly STUDENT2TEACHER) is sponsored by White Apple Institute. The show is hosted by Danita Applewhite, PhD, CRC. She is a Counselor, Educator, and Army Veteran. Since 2009, the show has helped thousands "accept the challenge to change the perception of 'dis-abled' to 'differently-abled". The show focuses on ways Adult Students/Learners and Employees, including Veterans, can effectively manage disability, pain, emotional stress, learning and motivation issues, independent living, and vocational rehabilitation challenges. HEAR "down to earth”, controversial discussions, and success stories with professionals in education, health care (mental and physical), and employment (Human Resources) that will improve performance and success at school and work! Your tax deductible DONATIONS at www.whiteappleinstitute.org helps pay operating costs and provide financial resources and outreach to underserved persons with disabilities. Learn more about Dr. Applewhite’s Self-Rehabilitation Program™ at www.askdrapplewhite.com

On-Demand Episodes

Do you ever fight with someone you love and take your anger into the classroom or workplace? What happens to your performance? Ask Dr. Applewhite... Are you, or someone you know, having problems at school and work because of... more

ASK Dr. Applewhite about Veterans, Students, and Suicide What can YOU do about Suicidal ideas among Veterans and Students? Probably very little. BUT if you know someone who is depressed, sad, or showing differences in behavior... more

WHAT CAN YOU REALLY DO ABOUT DEPRESSION and SUICIDAL IDEAS AMONG VETERANS AND ADULT STUDENTS? Why would a soldier/veteran commit to die to protect your country and come home just to experience Death... more

SHOULD PARENTS BLAME THEIR CHILDREN FOR NOT COMPLETING THEIR OWN SCHOOL AND WORK GOALS? Take a listen to Dr. Applewhite discussing the reasons why parents drop-out of college and the workforce. Hear... more

ATTENTION: EMPLOYEES ADULT STUDENTS Ask Dr. Applewhite the following questions: Do you hide your Learning Disability in the classroom and the workplace? How do you explain how hard it is to read, write, solve problems it... more

When most people hear the term ?DISABLED? do they perceive a productive employee?, a college graduate with honors? business owner? working parent?or a VETERAN? ASK Dr. Applewhite about how Veterans are helping others ?change... more

WHAT CAN YOU REALLY DO ABOUT DEPRESSION and SUICIDAL IDEAS AMONG VETERANS AND ADULT STUDENTS? If you know someone (friends,family,coworkers) who is depressed, sad, or showing different behaviors... more

How do I talk about MY mental health? Is the stigma of mental illness preventing you from reaching your full potential? The shame and embarrassment about any form of disability can be found in most ethnic groups. However, there is a higher... more

Do you think people with disabilities are beautiful? Do most people perceive disabled persons as beautiful and productive? Ask Dr. Applewhite. People with visible and non-visible physical disabilities are reminded constantly by... more
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