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Will light skinned brotha's ever make a comeback?

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ASK Radidio

ASK Radidio


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This show is for the ladies. As you can tell by my pic I am a dark brotha, 6’5”, not that I’m conscious about it but I love being tall and by my own admission, with fairly decent looks. LOl. But I can remember a time when a brotha like me couldn't get any play because I was too dark. The light skinned brotha's had it made. Cat's like El and Chico Debarge, Al B Sure, Keith Washington, and even that midget Prince was the BOMB! Then around the early 90's the tide started turning to my side of the spectrum and female's started digging dark brotha's. Cat's like Wesley Snipes, Morris Chestnut, Leon, the brotha from Amistad ( can’t think of his name at the moment) and Idris ElbA hit the scene and the light skinned cats started getting treated like the red headed step child with halitosis. (That’s’ bad breath for those who didn’t know) Then BAM!! All of a sudden the light skinned brotha was out of style. What happened? Help me try to figure it out. LADIES, LADIES, LADIES, please I implore you. Call in or email the show to help me and the rest of America figure out the light skinned brotha’s plight. Fella’s you are encouraged to participate as well as long as you ain’t scured. LOL The email address is keepnitrealwitkimp@gmail.com and the number to call in is (347)826-9214.. I look forward to your emails and as always my only request is, like the name of show says, you keep it real.