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The Keepn’ It Real Wit KIMP Show is a show about real people and real issues with an educational and entertaining flavor. The show discusses issues that are important to you as well as topics that will enlighten you. Sometimes the show will be of a comedic nature, sometimes it will take on a more serious persona, sometimes the show will be just for gown folks, and at times the show will fall somewhere in between the three. However, the show will at ALL TIMES consist of intelligent, mature and respectful commentary designed to keep you informed and empowered. So sit back, relax and please interact with me on the show by dialing (347) 826-9214. Also, a new feature to the show is the ability to text me at (813-453-7157). You can also email the show at keepnitrealwitkimp@gmail.com. My only request is that in whatever you do, make sure you “Keep It Real”, and never let your circumstances define who you are. See you in the studio!

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I am 44 yrs old and just earned my Masters degree last December. It was a personal fullfilment decision for me but I have had classmates thst had various other reasons for returning or initially attending college. As education is... more

Boy this is a tough one cause Lord knows sometimes I need a translator to translate what mine is saying, as she does for me. But the bottom line is that not everyone will be on the same page at the same time. However, understanding... more

Please join me for the first show of 2011 on 3/10/11 @ 7:30pm est. "It's been a long time - I shouldn't of left you - wit out a dope beat to step to." Excuse me yall, I had a Eric B flashback from back in the day just then, but I want to use this... more

There is no surprise that minority high school graduation rates are lower than average throughout the country. I am conducting a survey to try find out your opinion on why that is. Please take 5 minutes to complete this very important... more

I have the distinct honor of introducing a very special guest that will be heard on this week’s episode of the “Keepn’ it Real Wit KIMP Show.” Professional Musician/Concert Soloist/and Educator Russel Blake has taken time from his... more

This show is for the ladies. As you can tell by my pic I am a dark brotha, 6’5”, not that I’m conscious about it but I love being tall and by my own admission, with fairly decent looks. LOl. But I can remember a time when a brotha like... more

Okay people, this is the one you've been waiting for. I decided to do a show on Black Family Reunions and Holidays because I think family is the most important aspect of life we have under God. Not that I have to quantify this but I chose... more

There is much debate over same-sex marriage in the United States. Think back to last year and Prop 8 in CA that said it would no longer recognize same-sex marriages as valid. There are several dynamics to this controversial topic that I... more

In keeping with the spirit of introducing you to some of the best young talent from the state of Florida, this week’s show features another young entrepreneur from Tampa. And as you can see from his video above, this kidz got skilz! Casey... more

Many of you may have seen the CNN specials called “Black in America” and “Black in America 2” which both aired last year. There has been much debate about the accuracy of how CNN chose to portray blackness in America.... more
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