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Ask The Cleanse Expert

Ask The Cleanse Expert


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21st Century Health & Wellness Strategies Expert Nurse talks Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle. Reverse disease with powerful cleanse diets and body mind spirit techniques. Reset metabolism with a body cleanse. Environmental toxins have replaced virus and bacteria as the leading cause of death and disease in America. Find out how to protect you and your family's health.

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Reduce body fat by 10-15% and lower cholesterol naturally. This progrm is getting 7:1 ROI. This is a fun high energy show. Mini contests and company sponsored incentives makes this the perfect team building experience. 21 days... more

Popular Q and A session to share, discuss and honor all healing modalities from Acupuncture to Zen lifestyles. Empowering everyone to get healthy in the way that works for them!

Cholesterol facts and myths, nutrition and fitness components to improving those numbers. Healthy blood pressure and stroke prevention will also be addressed. Did you know a scar anywhere on the body can deteriorate heart function?... more

Find out which toxins are involved in making your body store abdominal fat and what you can do to avoid them. Shocking truth on the place we are getting exposed to the most toxins? How much does body cleansing help lower body... more

Learn how to make quick and easy healthful snacks and meals in minutes. Cook together, laugh and share ideas. It's fun and empowering for lifestyle changes.

Less pain, and more mobility equals a happier, more productive employee. All factors of correcting back pain are covered exercises, specific mineral supplements, emotional components and more. We have reduced injury and... more

Proper digestion enhances all parts of healthy and is the building block for lasting health. Good digestion sets the stage for reduced inflammation in the body; fat burning, better absorption of vitamins can fix sluggish metabolism and reverses... more

Even minor deficiencies or toxicities can lead to major health problems. Most people don't know that minerals are far more important than vitamins; and that improperly formulated supplements can cause "steal" vital nutrients from your... more
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