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Roland Trujillo, author, educator, and advice giver extraordinaire, answers life and relationship questions. Roland is the author of 16 books and has been helping people with life, relationship and stress issues for almost 25 years. Roland has an earned Master of Science Degree in Human Relations and Doctorate in Pastoral Psychology (but he hasn't lost his sense of humor). He loves helping people get along better and cope with stress. Roland is a foremost authority on Christian mindfulness meditation. His most popular book is The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage - Making Relationships Work which is available at in paperback and Kindle editions

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Many of us had a father who was not there for us. Whetrer you had a good father or a not so good one, don't resent him. Resentment can ruin your marriage, your health and yhour life. If your father was not so good, then see that he was not... more

Most women hate their husbands, says 25 year marriage and relationship coach Dr. Roland Trujillo. Listen to this fascinating lecture, as Dr. Roland reveals the mysteries of relationships and suggests how you might imporve yours and live... more

Take heart! There are solutions. Dr. Roland will convince you that patient and forgiveness are powerful solutions to relationship unhappiness and stress. Find out what are two main causes of relationship issues. What men can do to stop... more

25 year advice radio host and author of 17 books, Roland Trujillo, Doctorate in Pastoral Psychology, introduces 3 books you need on your shelf. Most people get upset too easily. Roland shows how to stop getting upset and improve your... more

The family is the center of civilization. When husbands are weak or violent, hell rises through the unloved and abused wife. In hypercritical families with ambitious men, the woman supports his ambition. Characterless conformists and angry... more

Breaking the Time Barrier Pastor Roland discusses time and human existence. What we must do to find the secret of life. Roland also talks about intuition, conscience and what creative geniuses and spiritual people can teach us about... more

How to Have Better Relationships Roland talks about the secret to better relationships (and less stress too!) How not to feel empty. Free meditation available. If you are having issues with your partner or your kids, listen to this... more

Why Meditate? Roland takes up this question by addressing what most people's biggest problem is--they get upset too easily. What a person needs is not symptom removal (false meditations offer that) but the secret to not getting upset... more

How to Think Like Einstein Roland talks about why people like Einstein and Steve Jobs are able to tap into a source of guidance and creativity. How to find this source of insight yourself. Learn what blocks the flow of creativity and how to... more

How to Start Having Faith in Yourself Roland discusses intuition and creativity and shows how we can regain the fresh eyes we once had as a child.