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Roland Trujillo, author, educator, and advice giver extraordinaire, answers life and relationship questions. Roland is the author of 16 books and has been helping people with life, relationship and stress issues for almost 25 years. Roland has an earned Master of Science Degree in Human Relations and Doctorate in Pastoral Psychology (but he hasn't lost his sense of humor). He loves helping people get along better and cope with stress. Roland is a foremost authority on Christian mindfulness meditation. His most popular book is The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage - Making Relationships Work which is available at in paperback and Kindle editions

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We all want to reduce stress, have peace of mind and find our purpose in life. So it is natural that we would look to meditation to help us. But without realizing it, when we are lost in thinking, imagination and worry - it is actually a form of... more

Roland discusses time and human existence. What we must do to find the secret of life. Roland also talks about intuition, conscience and what creative geniuses and spiritual people can teach us about inspiration. Preview Dr. Roland's new... more

Roland takes up this question by addressing what most people's biggest problem is--they get upset too easily. What a person needs is not symptom removal (false meditations offer that) but the secret to not getting upset in the first place.... more

Success eludes most people. And if they are succesful, the happiness or good relationships eludes them. Can you have your cake and eat it too? The answer is yes, but it starts with learning to trust your intuition and follow it. People like... more

Everywhere you go, people are trying to make you doubt yourself. How is it that people like Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein had faith in themselves? Just what is intuition. How can you cultivate intutition and then trust in it? Roland Trujillo,... more

Many people know that if they could tap into the spiritual side of life, they could find fulfillment, happiness, self control and find their true path in life. But they don't know how. or they have tried some practices and found them to be... more

Roland talks about living authentically. Most of us do not live our own life. Find our purpose in life. Learn to not be upset. Be All That You Can Be Roland talks about how to start living authentically. How to stop doubting yourself and getting... more

"My husband and I argue all the time. My kids don't listen. I fight with my boyfriend. How do I forgive and forget. Does marriage have to be a living hell?" Roland discusses how to get along better with your partner and have hess stress... more

Recently people have asked Roland how to become a Christian. Roland answers this question in response to recent requests. Many people don't want to go to a church for fear of pressure. Yet they want to know more about what Jesus said.... more

This situation is more common than you think. It is almost universal. But how a man handles this situation may determine the future of the relationship and even the course of the rest of his life.