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KNOW THAT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE & THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE......... The healings and blessings that flow through me are unpretentious, unrehearsed and straight from the heart, soul and Spirit. The programs are about helping each other ... and finding solutions to that which we seek!!! Programs that are for the people and by the people to share, teach and reach out to each other in living life. As in life, we are all in it together and if each of us just REACH out and TOUCH someone,we can and will make a difference!!! I invite YOU to offer energy work, your expertise and opinion in whatever field you are an expert in. All you have to do is write to me at Some of my credentials are: Spiritual Artist, Certified Soul Healer,Life Coach, Certified Soul Communicator, Crystalline & Celestial Divine Healer, Registered Nurse, Ordained Minister, Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Master, Certified Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist, Lymphologist, Certified Karuna Ki Practioner, Reiki Master, Certified in Energy Balance, Certified Re-Connector, Certified Pulse Practitioner, Clairvoyant, Medium, Clairaudient, Channel the Spirit Worlds and so much more............... Please give an appreciation donation to assist me in my work ... send to using e-mail Private readings,spiritual counseling and healing is available, go to Namaste

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Understanding your God Code assigned to you at birth is critical and your first step.Joanne will decipher your God Code by analyzing your blueprint and providing insight into your destiny,... more

Dr. Ceaser has been practicing medicine in Chicago for over 26 years. He is a board certified physician and has embraced a holistic practice for the past 10 years. Water has been said to have a perfect memory. It has been shown that if... more

Please keep this thought in mind as Saint Valentine's Day approaches and you express your love for that special person in your life. Your love for someone is an expression of scalar energy and this expression is eternal as scalar energy is... more

Manifesting 123 is unique because no one ever told you how your thoughts actually begin to form up on the other side and flow into our physical world. Ken Elliott has first-hand experience creating simple to complicated objects in... more

It's call-in time! What questions do you have about your life not going forward? Where do you need a quantum leap in the way you think about your work, your relationships, your spirituality, your money, yourself? Where do you desire to... more

We are Lightworkers. We abound here, teachers, healers, writers, musicians and more. We draw in Light from the Creator, Source, Universe or whatever each calls it and sends that Light out through our work to help in the progress of the... more

We all run into difficult times. We all have a greater potential than we have reached. Tune in to hear Lordiel and Ten Rose discuss some Things That Get You Through Rough Times, Make You Stronger, and Help You to Reach Your... more

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know or confirm what Divine Gift, Wise Knowing, or Commission, you brought to the planet Earth when you were born? Discovering or remembering your gift could be a great contributor to feelings of happiness and... more

Z Point Clearing Releasing Unsupporting Beliefs and Negative Energy .Our unconscious holds in our belief system things that are not for our best and highest good.With much uncertainty, financial constrictions for people, businesses, and... more

I AM a Divine Instrument used in many ways. I AM a Spiritual Being here to learn many lessons and to guide you in whatever way you are ready to walk on your path. Because of all this, I AM Blessed with many gifts and have learned many... more
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