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Relationship expert Dr. Jamie Turndorf takes her popular free relationship advice column to live radio to answer your relationship, dating, or sex questions. She is the creator of the pioneering relationship advice Website She's also a practicing therapist and the author of numerous books including the critically acclaimed "Till Death Do Us Part (Unless I Kill You First): A Step-By-Step Guide to Resolving Relationship Conflict," which was endorsed by John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. She has been a regularly featured relationship expert in magazines and newspapers and on television and radio for nearly two decades. Call Dr. Turndorf with any of your relationship, dating, or sex advice questions today!

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Have you ever wondered if your relationship is strong enough to weather the strain if you or your partner became chronically ill? Or are you actually dealing with this very challenge? According to research, younger couples are more... more

Did you know that understanding your partner is vital to forming a bond that survives and thrives. In this week's show, I reveal EVERYTHING that men secretly think and feel about relationships. From how they truly feel about... more

Did you know that an apron is as good as a negligee for sparking a man's sexual interest? And, guys, if you can stand the heat, find out why getting your buns INTO the kitchen is just what the doctor ordered for heating up your gal's desire.... more

Do nice guys finish last? Do women cast aside generous, attractive and accomplished men in favor of bad boys? Are our intimate relationships nothing more than power trips in disguise? Do all men secretly search for ?back-alley?... more

Did you know that it's impossible to love another if you don't love yourself first. Paradoxically, most people labor under the fantasy that a partner or spouse can fill their empty emotional wells...In the end, we just drain our partners... more

Are your hands trembling? Is your heart racing? Are your limbs in knots? Are your palms sweating? Quaking in your boots. Feeling anxious, terrified, panicked, agitated. Or being scared ****less... Call it what you want. Every living and... more

7 Steps For Eliminating Excessive Personalization Do you often feel like your partner is putting you down or blaming you...even when he/she swears that he isn't? Are you taking things too personally, and is this putting a hurt on your... more

Because my HLN TV appearance on long distance love was so well received, I decided to do an entire radio show for you on this topic. If you or someone you know is struggling with long distance love, there's no need to throw in the glove!... more

Do you lose your you know what when you get pissed off? Do you yell, scream and name-call? Or do you use more subtle yet manipulative tactics that you think are helping you make your case that can actually be just as damaging to your... more

How To End The Value Conflicts Vexing Your Relationships Are you locked in a value conflict and don't even know it? If you're caught in a heated tug of war, banging your mutual heads against the wall, there's a good chance that a value... more
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