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Relationship expert Dr. Jamie Turndorf takes her popular free relationship advice column to live radio to answer your relationship, dating, or sex questions. She is the creator of the pioneering relationship advice Website She's also a practicing therapist and the author of numerous books including the critically acclaimed "Till Death Do Us Part (Unless I Kill You First): A Step-By-Step Guide to Resolving Relationship Conflict," which was endorsed by John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. She has been a regularly featured relationship expert in magazines and newspapers and on television and radio for nearly two decades. Call Dr. Turndorf with any of your relationship, dating, or sex advice questions today!

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This week, in honor of Valentine's Day, I'm going to tell you all about true love--how to recognize it and how to keep it alive using my Five-Step Recipe for Romance. Whether you're looking for true love or you love life needs a shot in... more

Have you ever noticed that couples in conflict suck at listening? And did you know that on the road to conflict resolution, listening is the superhighway! In this show, I'm going to reveal why listening is nearly absent in conflicted relationships.... more

Are fights ruining your relationship? Are you on the verge of a breakup because of your fights? Well, have no fear, Dr. Love is here! My conflict resolution method is just what the doctor ordered. In this show, I'm going to talk about the most... more

Are you feeling a little short on hope? Don't despair...In this week's show, I'm going to be talking with Suzanne Giesemann who will be bringing her message of hope. An acclaimed inspirational speaker, she captivates audiences as... more

Is your happiness tied to what goes on around you? I mean, does your mood take a nosedive when life around you isn't going perfectly, when someone says something hurtful or nasty to you, when you are in conflict with your partner or... more

This week, I have a remarkable and inspiring show for you. I'll be introducing you to Michael Russer a highly regarded international speaker and author and TV personality who, beginning in September of 2011 began a year-long personal... more

Every year, millions of people across the globe make New Year's resolutions to improve their career, health, fitness, weight loss or finances. Sadly, our resolutions fail not because we have no discipline but because humans are... more

If the days ahead have you filled with dread, fear no more! In this Ask Dr. Love radio show, I explain why millions of people end up broken rather than happy hearted during the holidays. The reason: we unconsciously return home hoping... more

Have you ever wondered why your holidays feel more like World War III? In this show, I'm going to discuss the real reason why holidays often become hollerdays. It is precisely the stresses of the holidays (extra chores and shopping,... more

Are you suffering from a bad case of Bad Boy Blues? Well, if you find yourself attracted to guys who come from the wrong side of the tracks, you may be addicted to bad boys! So, tune in to this week's show and receive a much... more
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