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Relationship expert Dr. Jamie Turndorf takes her popular free relationship advice column to live radio to answer your relationship, dating, or sex questions. She is the creator of the pioneering relationship advice Website She's also a practicing therapist and the author of numerous books including the critically acclaimed "Till Death Do Us Part (Unless I Kill You First): A Step-By-Step Guide to Resolving Relationship Conflict," which was endorsed by John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. She has been a regularly featured relationship expert in magazines and newspapers and on television and radio for nearly two decades. Call Dr. Turndorf with any of your relationship, dating, or sex advice questions today!

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When it comes to sex, are you a guy who hasn't gotten lucky? Or, do you know a guy who hasn't lost his virginity and could use a helping hand? If so, this show is for you! This week, I'm discussing the taboo topic of adult male virginity... more

Do you wonder what your purpose on earth is? And do you wonder where we go after we die? World renowned Suazanne Giesemann, author of eleven books, spiritual teacher, and evidential medium, will be joining me for another visit to... more

Hi, it's Dr. Jamie Turndorf here… Have you noticed your sex life dwindling as you age? Don't despair! This week I'm talking with Dr. Laurie Betito, author of The Sex Bible for People Over 50. Dr. Laurie is a clinical psychologist with... more

Did you know that we never completely lose those we love? And that there is a way to remain connected to them? And… For the first time in history there is a vehicle to help you resolve issues with someone who's passed. Sound like... more

Does your heart still hurt over someone who's died? Is your pain affecting your work performance or your current relationships? If so, you'll want to join me for a fascinating discussion with Suzane Northrop, one of the world's most famous... more

Ladies, do you often feel as though guys have x-ray vision? And they're stripping you with their eyes? This week, you're going to meet author David Matthews, an Emmy award-winning composer/writer/producer who has worked for such shows... more

Are you frustrated with a male partner who won't make decisions? Is your guy oblivious to problems that need his attention? And, guys, do you feel like you ain't getting no respect from the women in your life? Tune in to this edition of Ask Dr.... more

Has your love life grown limp? Or is the romance just plain gone? This week, I'll be introducing you to Toni Fox, creator of DATE NITE BOX – the first ervice ever to plan, book, box and deliver amazingly unique dates for couples,... more

When we think about starting an affair, our minds naturally conjure images of a hot and steamy love affair with a hunk or hunkess. But guess what? You can't form a love affair with another person unless you've first fallen in love with... more
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