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As we enter the Time of Wondrous Changes; we reclaim our heritage as Magi. This Show is part of a Mission of Empowerment which is the core of Ascension House. Join with us in becoming, transforming and manifesting.

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This week Ascending Way host Al Anderson will further explore our relationship with Angels, present the final stages of the "Angelic Encounters" program and begin the discussion of our other Patrons, Tutors, and Guides; the Ascended... more

Join Ascending Way host, Al Anderson to discuss and examine our interactions with Angels and Archangels. We are constantly guided, tutored, and patronized by those intermediaries whom we call Angels. During this week's episode Al will... more

Join Ascending Way's host Al Anderson for lively first appearance with Wisconsin's newest Healer-Practitioner; Craig Salentine. Craig is the founder of "Living Catalyst" which is a holistic healing practice featuring; Magickal Arts... more

In just 6 days Ascending Way host; Al Anderson will present a lecture in NYC on the two paths leading into the future for humankind. On one path, we move into a wonderful world of enlightenment and the realization of our cosmic true being.... more

Join host Al Anderson for a startling and informative revelation of the necessary skills we must acquire and manifest to enter the new epoch of Blessings and Bliss beginning in 2015. As we become the fulfilled God-men or Adam Kadmon we... more

Ascending Way host Al Anderson will be joined by Master Andrieh Vitimus for an exploration of the techniques of creating or recreating our personal realities. The program will be empowered by the host's and guest's personal Magick. The... more

I've been missing week after week of Ascending Way programs. This has been due to the 'malaise' that I have been experiencing. I've spoken to many of my colleagues on the Metaphysical Path and in the Lightworker vocations, and this... more

So many Doomsayers and Fear mongers have made an industry of warning and prognosticating about 2012 that many people are almost ready to commit suicide. In truth the world will continue and will actually become more and more of a... more

At the time of this episode of "Ascending Way" as many as 200,000 people are most likely dead in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake. As times passes, the number of fatalities will doubtlessly increase. Estimates of the final number are... more
Ascending Way

The 2010 Evolution of Ascending Way

  • by Ascending Way
Blessings and Bliss,I hope that you have noticed that my BTR program; "Ascending Way" has been on hiatus. I will be returning to the internet very soon with new episodes, new guests and a few surprises! I've missed doing the... more
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