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This show will provide intriguing and life transforming wisdom regarding the process of ascension or spiritual awakening in a simple and easily understood manner.

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We hear often the importance of letting and we understand the concept on an intellectual level, but do we dare to understand it on an energetic level? When pondering this concept of letting go, I often envision a closed fist (which ironically... more

This is a replay of one of my favorite and most popular shows...Injoi: We have heard the phrase or affirmation "be in the world but not of the world" many times and we may understand it on a 3rd dimensional intellectual level, but do we... more

Have you ever noticed the difference in energy that it takes to tread water versus to allow yourself to let go and release all of your worries, all of the density of your stress and heaviness of your doubts, tolet go of all of your fears and just simply... more

Everywhere one looks, it becomes ever apparent that the state of man, the state of the world is changing. Some fear this trasformation, creating a life that mirrors this fear, while others welcome this transformation and create a new... more

As a species humanity has been caught in a cycle of evolution and digression but there have always been those few beings who exemplified the best in us all. Those of us who were able to balance karma, release lower level energy and... more

Success doesn't necessarily come to those who wait, it comes to those who raise their energy to the level that their creation exists on. How do you bring your creation into physical manifestation? Through daily and consistent action. Join... more

The Secret Revealed was a very profound episode when it aired live, now you have the opportunity to hear it again! You won't want to miss this show.

How is it that as a collective, the human race has become so dominated by disconnection from one another and the earth in general when at one time we did recognize our oneness with all? One reason is that we have given our power... more

You can utilize all of the tools known to man for spiritual growth and development but it's all about your intention. Whether it's in regards to a religious or spiritual perspective your intention must be aligned with the outcome you are trying to... more
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