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Ascended Radio

Ascended Radio hosted by Jessica Spencer


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This show will provide intriguing and life transforming wisdom regarding the process of ascension or spiritual awakening in a simple and easily understood manner.

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At this time it is essential that we trust, that we surrender to our own divine plan that we co created. Surrender in this physical world looks like allowance. Allow yourself to be who you naturally are and what you are current emerging into... more

When you are saturated with how to think, when to think and why to think. To adopt belief systems and identifications, to adhere to laws and regulations and constant collective agreements you become disconnected from who you really... more

When you are in that flow that I talked about last week grace and ease takes on a whole other meaning and you can multi task effortlessly. Because rather than going against the flow or restricting the flow of energy you are flowing with... more

We live in a world where one of the largest currencies is backed by nothing, it therefore has no value other than what we agree it has, but why then does it or the lack of it have such a strong hold over our lives? Why do the powers that... more

Anyone who is even slightly awake or aware can sense that things are drastically changing and I would say in a lot of aspects for the better. Some areas of society that have had longer choke hold on the masses are taking a bit longer... more

We have all heard that the outer world is a mirror of our inner world but what exactly does that mean and how does it show up? How can we being creators of our individual worlds in order to co create within the collective consciousness... more

We can amplify the creation of our world if we have people around us who can hold the same space of positivity needed to operate within the world we are creating. Where two or more are joined together, the ability to create is... more

We have all heard the quote "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." This quote for me is a reference to responsibility, action but also an unwillingness to remain ignorant. Ignorant in the sense of being without... more

People are beginning to question the validity of whether or not the American Dream or any previously held view of success is attainable. What I am discovering is that this is not a question of validity it's an understanding of... more
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