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528Hz Golden Om Fractal

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Source Vibrations is a multidimensional audio-visual project that utilizes numerology, sacred geometry, sonic vibrational healing, solfeggio harmonics, binaural beat frequencies and esoteric symbology to activate the subtleties of the awareness of the nature of being. Through the language of art and music these vibratory data streams, point to the inherent, inter-connected, inter-dependent nature of consciousness and its foundation in Source Intelligence. Riding on the frequency waves of light and sound, are transmissions of Love communicated to the electromagnetic field of the emotional body, depolarizing the duality of separation within the psyche of the human instrument. The call to the unification of opposites pervades these data streams, dissolving the emotional blocks of the unconscious content, in to the waters of the primordial substance of creation. 528Hz-Golden Fractal incorporates the interval of the alchemical 5th balancing the yin and yang, or masculine and feminine circuits of the energetic body; resonating these energies along the central axis of the Heart Field. As we align the energetics of consciousness to the central strand of the Heart Field, we begin to attract more positive, gentle and abundant life experiences. The Love energies create a more coherent magnetic field radiating our empowered thought forms into the environment and universal mind with greater power and clarity. This will accelerate the manifestations of the pure heart’s desire, attracting people and situations that are resonating in harmony with Love and Peace. Lasting 1 hour and 11minutes, this track provides the sound sanctuary to enter a deep theta state, entraining the wave patterns of consciousness to resonate in harmony with the 528Hz carrier tone.