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As a Matter of Faith

As a Matter of Faith


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What is when the changing in our lives are seen as more of a loss than a gain? There are times when, regardless of the challenges we have faced before, we hit our breaking point and our lives are changed. What then? What now?... more

Life can be disappointing, it can even prepare us, from the youngest of ages, for a lifetime of let-downs. Yet, even in that God gives us hope. Join Wyatt as he talks about that hope amidst frustrations.

Even when we feel as if we can't even care for ourselves and like we aren't any good to anyone, let alone ourselves, God shows us love and care by showng us that we are and that we can. That is the nature of His healing as He... more

The bigger the lies the harder it is to find our ways out of them to reclaim even a small part of ourselves amidst. There are so many justifications we try to offer as we entangle and ensnare ourselves, finding we lose ourselves amidst the... more

We dream of a better life for ourselves, but how often do we do so to the point of blurring the lines between reality and fantasy? There are times when we just end up robbing the value from our lives, losing who we are because we are afraid... more

There are moments in our lives when we are struck with regret... regret for what we have done, regrets for what we have become, regrets for the flaws and the shortcomings of our life. The world is always going to come with moments that... more

When we lose everything, or it feels like we have it's the things in life that we miss the most, that we long for the most in our lives. We may have once had bigger dreams but right now we just want to find our way back to some comfort, to... more

Who hasn't wished that they were the dark horse, racing against expectations to the greatest of triumphants? Yet the race of this life, of our deepest of days are hard and wrought with challenges, they are filled with stumbling blocks... more

What happens when we can't seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel? When the prevelant trials seem to overwhelm us? Do we give up? Do we keep fighting despite our crushed spirits? Where do we even begin to push back... more