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Regular segments covering different aspects of the arts: Art; Music; Drama; Comics; Movies; etc, with guest professionals.

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Dennis Dziedzic studied English and Spanish at the University of Texas @ Austin. After finishing college, craving a new experience, he went to Europe and began to wander, a journey that would last for the next seven years. From... more

Sharon Wright was raised in Grandview, MO and discovered her passion for acting and modeling just a few short years ago. Since then she has plowed her way into films, TV, commercials and even magazine spreads. Her natural... more

Matt Bronleewe is a musician, producer, and novelist. During college he and some friends formed the Contempory Christian band, Jars of Clay... Matt stepped away early on in their career to go back to college. He has continued writing... more

Jesus De La Rosa is a printmaker-painter from South Texas and teaches studio art at Texas AM Kingsville. Jesus will talk about his art, the recent steamroller printing event he organized as well as his teaching.

Alan Kupperberg is known for working in both comic books and newspaper strips, he started his comic book career by writing dummy letters for various Marvel comics back in the late 1960s. In the early 1970s he began in the production... more

Brandon Slagle was born just outside of Austin, Texas to Larry Slagle and Suzette Jacobs, who divorced when Brandon was five years old. Inspired as a teenager by such legends as Marlon Brando, James Dean, and Montgomery... more

Actress Kelli Maroney has had a rich career in film and television. She was in the movies "Fast Times At Ridgemont High"; "Night of The Comet" and slasher films such as "Slayground" and "Chopping Mall". Kelli has also been a regular on two... more

Makeup artist, Edward O'Rourke.

Author of the thriller "Prey of The Scavenger" and other novels and poetry. Lanaia Lee has lead a very interesting life. Listen in as she tells us a little about her past and about her novels and craft of writing.

Mark Stegbauer is a freelance inker with extensive credits. He's worked for companies as extensive as DC, Marvel, Image, Ape Entertainment, Eternity, NOW, Innovation, Arcane, and several others. Mark is the creator of Dr. Goyle... more
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