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Welcome to ArtSees Diner Radio. "the voice of ArtSeesDiner dot com," Bringing you the best of Northwest Indiana and reaching out to the world! Questions? Drop ME a line. ArtSees Diner brings you musicians, authors, thinkers, and dreamers. At ArtSees Diner you will find special guests in each booth We are changing the world, One Song at a Time, One Heart at a Time! What ever you do, do not make "The Chef" wait! Thank you for taking the time to "Follow" ArtSees Diner Radio.

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MERmaids, Mary E., and Diane B., explore the genius of artist Garsot. Join the ladies of the Diner as they interview Gallery curator and Art Historian, Christopher Primbas. Music provided by Michelle Qureshi of Indianapolis,... more
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Special guest tonight are ChowDownK3 and Southern Shore Art Association. Join hosts Diane Blanchette and Mary E. as they welcome Jaclyn Roof, CEO of Chow Down, Kankakee Illinois, and Susan Block, Curator of the "She" exhibit with... more

Indie Artist Codie Prevost is a Multi-Award winner & three time Canadian Country Music Association nominee and he is getting ready for the worldwide release of his 4th studio album ?All Kinds of Crazy? on his own label Good Spirit... more

Diane Blanchette and Mary E., Midwest MERmaids welcome Jan Glazar. Jan is the Director of the Gretchen Charlton Art Gallery in Kankakee Illinois. Tune in and discover all the newest and up to date happenings at the Gallery and around... more

Krystal Dawn joins Mary E. to celebrate the release of her first single "Find My Way" and to promote our her Go Fund ME campaign. "Krystal has always had that special something in her since she was a child. We knew at an early... more

Join Mary E. and Diane Blanchette as they welcome Jessica Smith Soto around the ArtSees Diner table, as they bring homecooking to the world! We welcome Meal Sharing and exlore a whole new kind of Global/Social Network... more

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and while many people are rushing to either find love, avoid facing a night alone, or fearful over what gift they should give that special person I am starting the ArtSees Diner Radio week off with the... more

Marshall Dane is a 2013 Country Music Association of Ontario Award Nominee. Signed with Gold Lake Records, he came to MTS Management Group in January 2014. Already receiving press coverage for his album, One of These Days,... more
00:58 is a non-profit organization dedicated to fundamental reforms to the way in which higher education is paid for in America. Mary E., host of ArtSees Diner Radio in welcoming Robert Applebaum of Student Debt... more

ArtSees Diner Radio and MTS featured musicians as they share their experience with Michael Stover. Michael Stover is MTS Management Company. Producing award winning artists, the MTS Management Group is more than just an artist... more

Jump Onboard the Magical Airborne Voyage into the Silver Skies with Air Borne Jazz' 25th anniversary release of Silver Skies. This project boasts 12 new compositions. Their signature jazz sound was nurtured in New Haven... more
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