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Own a piece of the International Theater Networking website. We are preparing to Launch our NEW Hyperlinking Theater Networking website in 2009. We are looking to include theater lovers, fans and small investors to... more

Here some of the upcoming Musical play projects that Producer/writer/lyricist A Michael Storm is engaged in. Listen to some tunes from some of the productions as well as the summary and future plans for these productions. Hosted... more

Christian-Michelle Dickerson the Author of the honestly written with sometimes raw depictions of the horrors that were inflicted upon "Bobby". This is a true story of young "Bobby" who endured 15 years of the most horrific abuse any... more

Various artists showcase music, songs, poetry etc to our show dedicated to ARTIST MAGNET ARTISTS. Includes new poetic art form from creator Rakon called BROKEN TALK. Hosted by Emmitt Thrower and Sponsored by... more

The theater of the music of the Gospels by the innovative singing group "The Sons Of Harmony". An unlikely bunch who came together because of discord and trauma in their lives. They elevated themselves and their spirits through... more

A captivating new book, that's a must read! The Spotlight is on Booker and we're here to magnify it! UnSigned Hype! With Booker T. Mattison. Artist Magnet Radio is at it again! Join hosts Emmitt Thrower and Franceli Chapman as they... more

A general discussion about Broadway Theater and youth? How do we get young people to attend Broadway Theater instead of IMAX movie shows of theater shows? With Franceli Chapman a recent communications and theater college... more

How did artist get to become the artists that they are? What drives them and how do they traverse the obstacles to their goals and dreams. A look at Artists Struggles for survival and attaining their dreams. Come share YOUR STORY.... more

Performer Track teams helps artist become successful through simple helpful organization and tracking of progress. Kristina Hughes and the "Performer Track" team guides artists in developing a winning approach to their self contained... more

Woodie King Jr. essayist, short-story writer, anthologist, dramatist, scriptwriter for film and television, producer, director, actor, and contributor to the Black Arts movement. He attended Michigan's Will-O-Way School of the Theatre on... more
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