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I'm just a nut trying to get a squirrel.

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They say time is money. So if there's a "time bank" do you know how much time you have? Do you know where you spend your time? Shouldn't you? Time is the most limited resource we have as humans and we should be careful how we... more

Chatting with Bobby C

If you believe, then you can achieve. If you truly in your heart that it can be done, then it will be done. Any lack of faith will lead to your plans crumbling. You have to believe that what you think of will become reality. In this episode I talk... more

Mike Lanni creates artistic masterpieces on a variety of surfaces, from canvas to table tops. The interesting part of Mike's art is that he uses coffee brews as his paint. Really incredible stuff. He's able to guide the shading using a variety of... more

The premise of this episode is "Less is More". The less you give the more you get. That philosophy goes against what we are tought growing up, but the reality is that the law of supply and demand is correct. The less of a product (or... more

To best way to get a Woman's attention is to ignore her. Sounds counter-productive but in reality it is part of the law of supply and demand. The more attention you give them, the less you get back. Ignore them and watch as... more

So that girl is not texting you back? Is she taking a really long time to reply to your texts? There are a few things you can change to turn the tide and have them start replying to you faster. You can't control their actions, but you can definitively... more

Saying NO is easier said than done. Saying NO requires practice and it's necessary to have your self-worth well defined. Here we expand on the difficulties of saying NO to people.

Iggy Azalea sucks. That's all. Listen to this podcast. Bye, Felicia!

Dealing with disappointment is never easy. We all go through it, but how do you get over it, and how do you get over disappointing times quickly? There's no easy way, but there's gold at the end of the rainbow if you keep pushing forward.... more