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For he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes. (Matt 7:29) (Note: for archived shows, scroll to bottom of this page and use arrows to cycle back through months and years.) Dedicated to the redemption of Zion. Revelations of Jesus Christ, authority, Priesthood, Kingdom of God, doctrine discusssed pertaining to the salvation of Ephraim and Manessah. (Being in Baja in Mexico, and there are no services here, I have to use Skype via a satellite connection which may cause drop-offs. But the show is well worth your time, despite this unavoidable problem due to latency (satellite 22,000 mi above earth and packets scatter at times))

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"To the Presidency of the Church, and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: The sum of the matter is this: God has placed in His Church prophets, apostles, evangelists and pastors; also He has placed Seventies and seventies quorums... more

(From a letter I wrote to Ogden): "As for the assertion which you make concerning the supposedly higher orders of Priesthood...I tell you in the name of God that there are no others higher than that which I shall name, in the sight of God, for... more

September 28, 1938. Last evening we held conjoint class meeting with the Priesthood and sisters. 62 present. Daniel R. Peay of Provo, told of hearing President Charles W. Penrose say, shortly after Brother Grant became... more

Abel, Abraham, Melchizedek, Enoch taught the same gospel that must save us. God has not had differenet plans in operation as Mr. Hale teaches. Joseph Smith, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, selected and arranged by Joseph... more

What and where is the Kingdom of God? Two requrements: 1.oracles 2.legal administrator. Authority of the Seventy: Brigham Young, Deseret News, June 6, 1877, p. 274: "The Seventies are Apostles; and they stand next in authority... more

Destruction of inhabitants of land. Judgments of God are upon the inhabitants of the land because of their wickedness: 25 For is not all flesh in my hands that I the Lord God cannot cause that which looketh as the natural course of events unto... more

After introductory remarks, Van Hale called into the program to discuss the "Joshua Jones Quote" in which, according to James T. Clark, Joshua Jones testified to him, in 1922, that Brigham Young at the Provo Bowry, said, "Brethren... more

The redemption of Zion in Scripture: reciting from Lectures on True Doctrine, Lecture Number One, giving forth prophecies concerning this event, stemming from Isaiah 11, Isaiah 52 and D&C 113. Scepter promise of David... more

Doctrine canonized by Church not a valid criterion, because Churches can become corrupted, as in the case of Ezekial 14:9 or "that state of corruption of the Jewish Church". Liberalism is of the devil, saith the Lord. Foundation of... more

Revelation on Law of Abraham: The Revelations of Jesus Christ Revelation to polygamists, received May 26, 2010 , Baja, Mexico The OMS is here. No one is authorized to take more than one wife unless the Lord (through his anointed, and... more