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How to Tell True from False Prophets, and the Holy Ghost

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Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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Section 29 of The Revelations of Jesus Christ read and discussed which contains keys for detecting true from false prophets.  Also Section 17 which gives the same for discerning whether a spirit or singing or trembling, fainting, etc is of God or a false spirit.
From Section 29:
Yea, thus saith the Lord, can a bitter fountain bring forth good water, or a can a man being evil, do that which is good?

 2 For it is, saith the Lord, that by their fruits ye shall know them.

 3 For the fruits of my spirit, saith the Lord, do they not testify of me, even Jesus Christ, whom ye have hitherto not known?

 4 And that which testifieth of me, is it not by me, saith the Lord God of Israel?

 5 For I am he that doth speak unto thee, through the medium of mine appointment as in times of old, O Israel, who have been scat­tered among the nations.

 6 Now is the time, saith the Lord, for thy regath­ering unto mine anointed as in times of old that I the Lord God shall remem­ber thee, O Israel, and lead thee by  power such as has not been seen bef­ore or since, yea, even from Babylon with an out­stretched arm as Moses, which is fallen.

 7 Therefor that which is sent of me, doth not conflict and  con­tradict my words and my pur­pos­es which I have spoken through the mouths of others of my servants the Prophets, even Brigham Young and others, con­cerning Israel, and any­thing which contradicteth these my servants who have gone before is of the devil and is false, though it be a Spencer Kimball, who is a false prophet, saith the Lord God of Israel.