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Prior Civilization Covering the Land in North America

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Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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Two "diasporas", one at the tower of Babel, the others, the scattering of the Twelve Tribes, being lead by the hand of the Lord to the "nethermost part of the vinyard", twigs broken off and planted by the Lord through the means of his servants the prophets.  One such came out of the Tower of Babel, whose language was NOT confounded.  They wrote in the Adamic language, one portion of which was included in the sealed portion of the gold plates, the small portion of which Joseph Smith translated by means of the Urim and Thummim. Tablet stones found in Michigan by multitudes of people at the turn of the century, while plowing fields, digging basements, along with mine shafts, 10,000 mounds in Ohio alone.  A video of one collection (Soper Savage) of these can be seen here. There are at least 30 other collections. Mystic symbol seen by riverboat captains for over a hundred years. All artifacts contain the same "mystic symbol" comprised of a representation of the five spikes strategically driven into the palms, wrists and crossed feet of Jesus' body for its support.  C14 dating of carbon from copper smelting fires placed at 2250 BC.  The people knew of future events yet to transpire, thus trashed by Darwinist for upseting their wicked and corrupt world-view, saith the Lord.