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Vision of War in Heaven Justifying the Curse Placed on Cain

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Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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War Fought in heaven (Vision of Pre-existence; Mosiah Hancock):

 31When they were all cleared from the platform and Satan and his followers were all cast down, their female companions wept, and we all wept.
 32 No females took part against the Father and the Son, but all took sides in their favor, except the neutral ones already mentioned.
 33 After the tears were dried, from our eyes, the voice of the Great Eternal, spoke again and said, "Hear, O ye my children;" His voice penetrating the immensity of space so that all could hear it; it is decreed by the Great Eternal that the females shall not follow their males in their banishment, but for every male that has kept his first estate and fought valiantly for the Father and the Son, there are two females.
 34 Again it is decreed that those males who have taken no part in this great conflict shall keep their females and a race of servants shall they be.
Program Notes:
Adam...He fell that man might be. Lean not unto your own understanding.
D&C 56:14. 14 Behold, thus saith the Lord unto my people—you have many things to do and to repent of; for behold, your asins have come up unto me, and are not bpardoned, because you seek to ccounsel in your own ways.
Justice of God existed, before we were born. Justice/Injustice an Eternal law
Beware, how you hold the Oracles of God,(the Prophets)
Revelations of Jesus Christ, Vol.1 Sec.2, v.22-23. 22 And my servant Joseph, saith the Lord, did abide in me, even unto the end. 23 And how much greater, saith the Lord, is my servant Joseph in mine eyes than those whom ye sustain to be your presidencies?
Apostle of the One Mighty and Strong, Art Bulla; Jimmy Lee Hardy