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It is in the Blood-Why Children of Ham Vote and Think

  • Broadcast in Religion
Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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...any man having one drop of the seed of Cain... in him cannot hold the Priesthood and if no other Prophet ever spake it before I will say it now in the name of Jesus Christ I know it is true and others know it (quoted in "Race Problems--As They Affect the Church," by Mark E. Petersen, p. 7)
Dr. Booker T. Washington, who obtained a degree in the field of genetics. In 1913 Dr. Washington was invited to speak at the University of Utah, at which nearly all of the general authorities of the Church were in attendance. Bishop John Whitaker, in a private conversation afterwards, asked him about the effect of this mixed blood between the two races. Whitaker reported:
If perchance under discussion on some Negro problem, the question arose as to how a Negro would vote if only one drop of Negro blood run in his veins which way would that drop of blood vote on a question, white or black?
Without hesitation he [Dr. Washington] said, "If there was one drop of blood in a person and such a question arose, it would always vote with the Negro." I was struck with his ready answer, [205] showing he had thought out almost every conceivable connection white and black. And I have been told that pure white blood through intermarriage with any other blood runs out in four generations. I am told that Negro blood will persist up to eight generations. There seems to be something in that accursed blood that will not yield to white blood. (Daily Journal of John M. Whitaker, March 27, 1913, U of U Library)
It is for this reason that men who are of partially mixed blood with the Canaanite will not vote or sustain the laws or principles that pertain to the covenants and Priesthood of the House of Israel. Therefore, men must be particularly certain as to where, how and by whom the Priesthood is handled.