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Melchizedek is Not Hamitic (Black)

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Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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Mr. Hale identified Melchizedek as a Cannainite without any authority, but because he has an axe to grind in his attempt to revise history and the facts.  We asked him to provide a source, and he replied "the anchor Bible" produced by a mishmash of uninspired men---the result of doctorcraft, but definitely not revelation, for they all deny such, categorically, whether it be the Muslim scholar, the Catholic one or various secular ones!  How long wil ye choose blind guides, saith the Lord?

On the contrary Talmudic scholars from the date of the 2nd Temple to 700 AD, unaminously identify Melchizedek as Shem the son of Noah. I, about 30 years ago, received a revealtion from Israel's God identifying him as Shem also, and a third witness, a Hebrew work titled The Book of Jasher, universally ridiculed by these members of "the great and spacious building" also identifies Adonizadek (Melchizedek) as Shem.  From Wikapedia:


 (Rabbinical) literature, unanimously identify Melchizedek as Shem son of Noah (Targum Yonathan to Genesis chap. 14, Genesis Rabbah 46:7, Babylonian Talmud to Tractate Nedarim). Rashi maintains that the land of Canaan was initially allotted to Shem, by Noah his father, and the offspring of Cham (Ham or Canaan) conquered the land by forced expansion.

These are more reliable since they were privy to that which was handed down in trunks of manuscripts carried by and preserved meticulously and religiously by these rabbis for centuries and finally composed, beginning at Herod's Temple days to 700 AD as a "hedge around the law (Torah)&q